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The daily grind of an Office Love Manager (my official title – how cool is that??) is anything but monotonous. Another day, another life lesson well learned. Now 5 months in, I’ve collected a few tokens of knowledge that expand far beyond the walls of our SOMA office and into my daily life.

1. The to-do list never ends, so reward yourself along the way.

In the heroic life of the OM, there is always more to do. At the end of the day, I may have checked off “Find the projector cord,” “Weekly meeting with Tracy,” and “Figure out why heater is not hot,” but I’ve also added 5 more tasks to the growing list. And such is life! Every step toward progress is a victory, so reward yourself with a glass of wine. You’re worth it.

2. Empathy is the key to any relationship.

I get the unique opportunity to work with every one of the driven, magical, unique personalities at Chewse. When managing a project or leading a meeting, the first thing I do is check myself: “What makes this person tick? How do they like to communicate?”. If I approach a project with an open heart, considering where that person is coming from, we’re that much closer to finding a productive solution that works for everyone.

3. No email is complete without a funny picture/GIF.

…and no day is complete without humor. We make terrible puns every day at Chewse, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Yes, we undoubtedly work our butts off. But laughter is still woven into the fabric of what we do. In the end, we’re all just people spending a whole lot of time together, making the lives of other people a little bit easier. Why not have fun while we work hard?

Lesson learned: puppy gifs make everything better

4. Technology makes life better. Period.

What would I do without Instacart? Google Calendar? I feel simultaneously grateful that these innovations exist, and astounded that any office manager (and maybe human) could survive without them. Embrace the tech, and save yourself time, stress, and sanity.

Every day at the office makes me a better person, for my company and for my life. What life lessons are you learning on the job? Tell us!

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