Hello, Chicago! Allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re Chewse (pronounced choose!). We’d like to think of ourselves as more than your run of the mill catering in Chicago. We’re setting out to make sure that with our meals, everyone on your team has a seat at the table. How do we do this? By bringing teams the best, local food Chicago has to offer, with a whole lot of love. We take food and hospitality seriously and from what we’ve heard, Chicago, you do too.

Chicago: a foodie’s paradise

To us, food isn’t just food. Good food brings people together. It builds community among people who might not otherwise connect. You get it – the only way you can withstand negative 20 degree weather in winter is by cozying up with your friends by a fireplace and a big ol’ pot of chili. 

We both know that Chicago’s food scene can easily hang with the big dogs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Only true fans know: Chicago’s got everything the coasts do, plus so much more. Really, the food scene is like a mish-mash of the East and West Coasts with a hefty serving of that special Midwestern secret ingredient: butter. (Did you think we were going to say love? Because it’s got that too!) 

Between hole-in-the-wall joints to Michelin-rated restaurants, you’re hard-pressed to find a restaurant that can’t satisfy your cravings. That makes finding restaurants for catering in Chicago so much fun. Everyone’s got their favorite spots for Chicago dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and tavern-style thin crust pizzas.

But what about that Mexican spot in Pilsen you’ve always heard about from your coworkers? They keep asking you to check it out but there’s no way you’re doing that transfer on the L. So let us bring this gem to you – especially when the only reason you’re leaving your house in a storm is for work. 

What is that Mexican spot, you might ask? Chicago’s very own Carnitas Uruapan, headed by Inocencio Carbajal who started making carnitas at eight years old in his native Michoacán, Mexico. The family-run Mexican taqueria has been stealing the pork-loving hearts of Chicagoans and out-of-towners alike since 1975. 

When we got here, countless people told us about their legendary carnitas served on warm corn tortillas. Carnitas Uruapan is one of those places that you can’t get out of your head and we’re excited to share their generations-old recipes with Chicago teams.

That’s the beauty of the way we’re catering in Chicago. We’re working with the best restaurants the city has to offer and your team will never have to compromise their stomachs with sad desk lunches.

Catering in Chicago with a heavy dose of Midwestern nice

We’re founded on the pillars of love and excellence. We work hard every day to make sure we serve your team’s meal with a large portion of both. Our goal is that when your catered meal arrives, you’re transported to your grandparents’ house. We want you to feel like you’re eating a meal made with love, and inspiring enough to show that love to your coworkers. 

So when we decided to break ground in Chicago, we couldn’t wait to show off our hospitality playbook to the hospitality experts themselves – the Midwest. We believe there is no love and excellence without pushing ourselves to be better, and we can’t wait to learn from Chicagoans. To us, hospitality is a way of life. We know it is to you too. 

We practice what we preach right down to the restaurants we serve (we tend to lean local, no offense Panera catering!), the meal set-up, and the dietary restrictions we accommodate. We’re always trying to think about how everyone can feel delighted. And because everyone has such different needs, we’re always here to take your feedback.

How we do catering in Chicago is, at its core, all about eating like family and building relationships with coworkers. That’s why we serve your meals family style and encourage chatting it up with your lunch line buddy or the new hire. Eating with people is intimate and personal. By virtue, the act of sharing a meal together bonds teams and improves collaboration much more so than simply working on a project together. Even firefighters who eat together, work better together. 

Your team’s resident vegan deserves to feel included as well. That’s why we take great care to make sure your teammates know what’s being served that day. Our unique Chewse platform makes sure people with dietary restrictions or preferences know what items have allergens, and have enough that they can enjoy. We go the extra mile to make sure everyone gets enough to eat and meateaters aren’t stealing that tantalizing eggplant parmesan. 

Sound too good to be true? Well, we’ll tell you something we can’t do: build you an outdoor patio to go along with your taco bar. But we can sure try to make you feel like you’re lunching on a rooftop along the Chicago River.

Building community beyond the workplace

Chicago lives and breathes community. We’ve never seen sports fans as die-hard as Chicago’s. Neighborhood loyalty runs deep and true. When you say you’re from Wicker Park or Logan Square, people instantly know what your interests are, who you root for (even if you’re a bandwagon fan), and probably your horoscope sign. Okay, that last one might be a stretch. 

Look, we’re not going to force you befriend a White Sox or Cubs fan. But we will work to build connections within your office and in your local community. We’re really in this because we believe in the power food has to build community. We bring local restaurants to your office that you might have never been to (and are bound to be your new fave!). Then, after your meal, we make sure any remaining food you might have is donated to people in need in your area. 

Every step of our process seeks to connect the larger Chicago community around us. One in 6 Cook County residents receives food assistance from a food bank or meal program. For us, catering in Chicago wouldn’t be authentic or complete if we didn’t somehow address this very real need. That’s why through Chewse to Give, we’re bringing Copia, the experts in food donations, with us.

We’re putting Chewse meal programs and Copia’s technology to work in each of our markets. We’ve donated thousands of pounds of food to local non-profits so far, with no signs of slowing down. Check out what one of our Los Angeles-based non-profit partners has to say about Chewse to Give’s food donations. Want to get involved? It’s as simple as signing up for a meal program – seriously! 

The Windy City is home

No matter what team you root for or what neighborhood you live in, you still call Chicago your home. You’ll do what you have to make sure your neighbors are in good hands. Whether it’s grabbing a plate for your coworker whose meeting is running late or donating excess food, we’ll be there to make it happen. 

We knew we had our work cut out for us when we landed here. But the food, that Midwestern niceness, and the close-knit community is everywhere you turn! It’s infectious. We can’t wait to start serving the best damn office catering in Chicago you’ve ever had – yes, even when the temperatures drop below zero. Because how can we not? It’s all worth it when the sun begins to shine, people come out of hibernation, and the Chicago skyline glistens in the reflection on Cloud Gate.

Chicago the bean

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