Let us debunk one myth: Los Angeles is not just a bunch of really good-looking people trying to make it big as actors. Yes, Angelenos ARE all really good-looking (it can’t just be an Instagram filter – can it?!). But the previously mentioned Good-Looking People™ also work behind the camera, in tech, and in those big, fancy law offices in Beverly Hills. Los Angeles is for dreamers. It’s where people go to catch their big break. Here’s how LA catering can help you get there.

Okay, but why stereotypes?

The old saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” is true for people too! No matter why someone chooses to move to LA or how unique their personal journey is, one thing is for certain: industry stereotypes exist for a reason. Studious, live-for-their-job types channel the intensity needed to make it in law. Creatives and optimists gravitate to the wide, wide world of entertainment. The day-to-day between each industry is wildly different, and that’s what’s so exciting about your job.

We’ve put together a very non-definitive list of the very definitive industries you’ll come into contact with at your local coffee shop or while out on the town. And it wouldn’t be our blog if we didn’t talk about food in some way. If you work in LA’s tech, law, or entertainment scenes, we’re serving up catering recommendations to fit your schedule!

Tech: “nerds” play hard, too!

If you work in tech, you’re in it to make it BIG. You live by the motto, “with the greatest risk, comes the greatest reward.” People like to throw around the 90% failure rate of start-ups, but you’re a high-achiever that knows you’re in that lucky 10%. Not a day goes by without thinking there’s a high likelihood that your company will be a unicorn. When that day comes, you’re ready to rake in the millions.

You’re not fazed by failure because you know failing early and often will only make your product that much better. You always give 110% effort, and you live by the values of vulnerability, love and excellence, and leading with empathy at work (can you tell we really live and love our values here?).   

No matter what round of funding your company is at, you’re a hard worker that plays hard too. Thursday happy hours starting at 3pm? You’re the first in line. Product team versus Account Management team Mario Kart tournaments? You’ve already called Princess Peach.

Optimize mealtime

Your team is like family, but it’s not just the team that keeps you at your company, the perks do too! Tech companies are at the cutting edge of innovation in software, service, and office culture. Company perks like a shared meal encourage team bonding and keep morale high. That’s why catered meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner make sense for your high-growth company. 

Automate your lunchtime (or breakfast or happy hour) routine with an LA catering team so you can focus on talking optimization over mealtime. You’ll get restaurants like Baja Cantina’s build-your-own taco bar or Baby Blues BBQ’s lip-smacking ribs – and we won’t tell if you eat with your hands. Add seamless end-to-end service, and the results = great food without lifting a finger.

Law: acquit, mens rea, cause of action, misdemeanor!

You’ve endured three grueling years of contract law (eek!), property law (*zzz*), and family law (I’m not crying, you’re crying!). You’ve powered through too many interviews you lost count. And now, you’ve fully planted your feet at your dream law firm. Next is Partner. 

Needless to say, you’re a hard worker who can spot a bullsh*tter from a mile away – but can also serve it up without question. Reading people on the spot and asking the right questions come naturally to you. You know what you like, but more importantly, you know what you don’t like. 

Coffee (hot or iced, doesn’t matter, but always bottomless) is number one on your to-do list every morning. Legal brief needed by Friday? Ha, easy. You can hold your own at any client meeting or in front of a judge, no sweat.

Justice is served…over a catered meal

With all you’ve got going on, you tend to eat at your desk more often than you care to admit. We hate to break it to you but sitting at your desk for lunch is seriously harmful to physical health, quality of work, and productivity. Sitting for long periods of time increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, just to name a few. It even impacts the legal world – studies show that skipping lunch breaks directly results in judges’ favorable rulings to drop from 65% to almost 0 for each decision. 

We know you’re lucky if you get time for lunch. But fueling up with breakfast in the morning or crushing those late-night affidavits over dinner will have a major impact on your productivity. Not to mention sharing a meal with coworkers builds more trust and cooperation. At the end of the day, trust and cooperation is needed to rebuild communities – and isn’t that why you got into this in the first place?

Introducing a white-glove catering service may feel a bit like a loss of control at first and that’s okay! The beauty of our LA catering service is that you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager to oversee your team’s preferences. If you do decide to take a more “modern” approach to structuring your law firm with breakfast or dinner catering, that big stack of contracts on your desk won’t look as daunting. Upgrade your morning bagel and late night Chinese take-out to Amandine Patisserie’s breakfast sandwiches and Simpang Asia’s Indonesian fare.

The Industry: lights, camera, lunchtime! 

“OMG, have you met Gwyneth Paltrow?!” is the first thing you hear when you tell people you work in The Industry. You immediately want to respond, “No, but I picked up her assistant’s dog’s poop once.” You bite your tongue because you don’t want to disappoint your friends visiting from out of town. Let’s be real, it’s fun knowing that people think your life is glamorous. You live in LA though, so it kind of is.

Not every part of it is glamorous, though. Crashing Vanity Fair’s Young Hollywood Party or Kendall Jenner’s birthday is so last year. You’d rather be lounging on your couch binge-watching Stranger Things because this is the first night you’ve gotten off early in forever.

Between juggling meetings and going on what feels like the fifth coffee run of the day, you wonder sometimes why you took this thankless job in the first place. It doesn’t feel great when you’re chewed out on set for having the wrong wig or lighting fixture, even though you triple-checked. But when you problem-solve your way out of sticky situations then get a credit on your first film, you’re on top of the world. You can get an iMDB page now!

Make time for a meal on your call sheet

Because of the crazy hours – you’re lucky if call time is at 7 AM – your only chance at food is whatever lukewarm craft services option is on set or the secret snack stash you guard with your life. Your parents were right though! A nutritious, balanced meal has the power to give you lasting energy for long days of filming or back-to-back meetings. With quick breakfast options from DK’s Donuts or monster sandwiches from Bay Cities Deli for lunch, you’ll be available to producers without sacrificing your stomach.

The best part is, taking meal runs off of the production team’s plate will keep the crew focused on wrapping the shoot faster. With Chewse LA catering, say goodbye to lunch expenses and hello to – dare we say – an under-budget film!

What’s in a name?

Like we said, these are just stereotypes. Maybe we hit the nail on the head or maybe we missed the nail all together. Either way, you work hard so you can play hard – and eating at work should never be an exception! 

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal to grab in a rush or a sit-down meal to rest and recharge, our LA catering service has got your back. Our team works hard to make sure your people are fed and ready to take on the day. You never know, your billion dollar project may spawn from a shared meal at the table.