When people see Chewse written for the first time, they ask one of two questions:

  • “How do you pronounce it? Is it chew-sie? Chews?”
  • “How did you guys come up with that name?”

First stop: pronouncing “Chewse”

This is actually an easy one. Chewse is pronounced like choose [chooz]. As for the history of how Chewse came to be? That’s a bit of a longer story.

But, why “Chewse”?

Our fearless leader and CEO Tracy Lawrence started the Chewse journey nearly 8 years ago. As a young entrepreneur, she’d experienced the struggle of organizing office catering events on her college campus first-hand. She determined it was time for someone to find a better solution to the corporate catering conundrum.

If you’ve met Tracy, you know that talking to her and talking about food go hand in hand. In fact, if it takes her more than a couple of minutes of conversation to mention her love of hummus and pita, please make sure she’s okay.

Tracy’s love of food stems, in part, from her cultural background. Growing up in Los Angeles with a Chinese mom and a Jewish dad, food was always an adventure. Homemade Matzah ball soup, Italian pasta night and Chinese-inspired dishes were all common meals for Tracy. In fact, Tracy got her high school nickname, Chewish girl, from that heritage. But food also brought her family together. No matter how busy everyone’s day was, they were all together at the dinner table by 5 pm. 

When it was time for Tracy to come up with a name for her food catering company, nothing seemed to fit better than Chewse. The name is both a play on words that references Tracy’s past and a description of what our clients do every day when they enjoy our food.

Today, 8 years later, Chewse connects people from different backgrounds around the table and helps companies build community through food. We’re also pros at taking out the hassle of actually having to choose a different restaurant, menu or food item for your team every day. Interested? Try us out today!