Chewse Marketing is expanding, and we’re looking for three talented Marketing professionals to join our team! Before the first date, though, we’d love to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. So, (drumroll please) here’s a sneak peek at what’s cooking at Chewse Marketing, who we are, and who we’re looking for…

Chewse Marketing

The Marketing team is currently building an inbound marketing machine that involves all kinds of content, marketing channels, and communication programs. We’re a small but mighty team that’s in charge of all of the brand building at Chewse, and exciting programs like the Chewse to Give initiative have been launched through Marketing efforts. We’re focused on building campaigns to support new market launches (check out our Chicago market, opening next month!).

We are working hard to deliver a best in class experience for all of our customers and partners. It’s a unique mixture of online and offline marketing, and we’re looking for people who love tackling new challenges, juggling various projects, and moving fast! If that sounds like you, read on to learn more about us and the positions we’re looking for!

Who We Are

Brit Booth

Official Title: Head of Marketing

Unofficial Title: Pearl Jam’s Biggest Fan

Favorite Food: Chips and Queso

Favorite saying: Punch today in the face

If she didn’t work in marketing, she’d be: A writer on SNL

Savannah Hanks

Official Title: Content Marketing Manager

Unofficial Title: The Digital Warrior

Favorite Food: Boston Cream Pie

Favorite made-up word: Hella (Bay Area lingo is my jam)

If she didn’t work in marketing, she’d: travel the world with her girlfriend filming documentaries.

Julia Martins

Official Title: Content Specialist

Unofficial Title: Dog Person

Favorite Food: Fries

Favorite made-up word: Irregardlessly

If she didn’t work in marketing, she’d work in: Spinny chair construction & testing (kidding, mostly. Some sort of creating writing, probably YA novels)

Geena St. Andrew

Official Title: Content Specialist

Unofficial Title: Personal Restaurant Spirit Guide

Favorite Food: Pupusas

Favorite made-up word(s): Treatos for puppos

If she didn’t work in marketing, she’d work as an: Undercover House DJ

The Jobs

Growth Marketing Manager

We are looking for a Growth Marketing Manager – User Acquisition to lead our customer acquisition efforts including but not limited to paid acquisition, media and distribution partnerships, and SEO. You will be responsible for building and executing plans that drive scalable and repeatable customer acquisition across a portfolio of channels (Google, Social) by creating relevant ads and guiding visitors to appropriate landing pages. This position will be responsible for maximizing ROI to achieve aggressive growth goals. Candidate must have the ability to come up with creative concepts, write ad copy, give feedback on the design, implement ads, analyze and report on results. Learn more about the position here.

Marketing Consumer Insights Specialist

In this role, the Marketing Consumer Insights Specialist will be responsible for uncovering the “why” behind the customer data and providing insight that will ultimately inform business decisions. You will collaborate cross-functionally to build the Chewse brand (e.g. lead cohort analysis, campaign testing, pricing analysis, new market research, journey mapping) and validate new product and service innovation (e.g. user research, concept testing). You are a master at leveraging consumer research to synthesize diverse learning into streamlined and persuasive stories. Learn more about the position here.

Product Marketing Manager

Our Product Marketing Manager will develop marketing strategies to drive the next wave of customer adoption, leveraging product as a central component of best in class content creation. You are a data-driven and customer focused marketer with the ability to translate complex ideas into customer-facing communications. A focus of these activities will be designing, managing, and evaluating the output of the initiatives and programs you have designed. You will iterate based on customer feedback and product sales successes and challenges. Learn more about the position here.