Why, hello there!

We’re excited to announce that Chewse is opening in Chicago! We’re already in the works setting up our shop, looking for new hires, and partnering with local restaurants, so we can start serving Chicago in mid-July.

Ok, but what does that mean?

We realize we’re just a blog. But we thought it was worth mentioning that Chewse spends a lot of time and care with each city we launch into. At Chewse, we’re committed to partnering with local restaurants and promoting local businesses. The results? They speak for themselves.

Take Destino, a San Franciscan pupusa restaurant. A year ago, they were making 200 pupusas a day at about $1 per pupusa. One year after partnering with Chewse, they’ve opened two new locations and produce 5,800 pupusas daily at about 10 cents per pupusa. In short, the growth they’ve seen as a result of their partnership with Chewse has directly led to their ability to expand their business. The increased demand also means that they’re hiring more local employees, who have the ability to work more hours if they so chewse (get it?).

All this to say: we care. We aren’t only committed to partnering with local businesses, though. Chewse has partnered with Copia to donate all of our leftovers to people in need in the community they serve. We’re a fully integrated supply chain making sure no one eats lunch alone, and we’re thrilled to pour our commitment to community into Chicago!

We’re hiring!

Join us! We’re looking for driven go-getters that love Chicago and will help us grow our business there. Take a look at the positions we have available, and click to apply!

Full-time positions

Account Executive. In this full-time role, you’ll be key to establishing Chewse as the preeminent source for curated, local, and consistent office catering in Chicago. As an AE, you will work to expand our footprint, win new clients, manage a book of business through outbound sales, and foster existing relationships with customers. You’ll be set up for success with an amazing customer experience, all the best tools, and the backing of leadership, and an entire organization that’s focused on helping you win. To learn more and apply, click here!

Sales Manager. Critical to our growth, our Sales Manager will lead our Account Executives to drive new revenue for Chewse, and also be responsible for local marketing strategy and execution. We’re a small, but quickly developing team, looking for a proven manager with a people-first approach to help us build. To learn more and apply, click here!

Part-time positions

Catering Operation Specialist. Chewse Catering Operation Specialists are in charge of executing a seamless pickup and delivery experience. In this role, you’ll pick up meals from our local partner restaurants and set up meals in client offices – if you’re interested, you may even stay and host their meals! This position is perfect for people that love hospitality and customer service; to learn more and apply, click here!

That’s not all, folks

Stay tuned for updates, including our upcoming local restaurant partners and new Chicago positions!

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