Hey! Welcome to the Chewse blog! The blog isn’t exactly new, but if you are new to Chewse, you may be wondering “Why Chewse? What’s so special about this one office catering service?”.

We aren’t fans of shying away from the truth here at Chewse, so we won’t pretend you don’t have loads of options to chewse from (😉 get it?). And while each service brings something slightly different to the table, we wanted to highlight the special, only-at-Chewse things you’ll find. But before we dig in…

Appetizer: The Chewse office catering story

AKA: Why we care & how we started!

When Chewse Founder and CEO Tracy Lawrence was an event planner in college, she was called with a request: catering for a meeting that wasn’t just another Subway order. It seemed like a relatively simple ask: just call up a restaurant, square away the price, make sure they can feed your headcount, find dishes for every food allergy, check if the restaurant delivers, ask what set-up materials they can provide… 

Ok, maybe not such a simple ask. 

Catering is hard on both sides. Restaurants need to work hard to find offices that are looking for corporate catering. Even when they do, they have to tackle delivery and set-up. On the event planner and office manager side, it’s hard to juggle budget, food preferences, allergies, delivery time and set-up – all while making sure you’re finding enough variety (if you’re catering frequently) and choosing a restaurant your team will like. For some office managers, this can take up hours of each day. 

There had to be a better way. 

Food also struck a chord in Tracy for a different reason. From ages 7-10, Tracy was badly bullied in school, to the point where she ate lunch alone, in the bathroom, every day. Our mission to make sure no one eats lunch alone stems from her experience, and her drive to create a community-oriented, culture-first company had informed the decisions Chewse has made.

And we’ve come a long way from our origin story, when Tracy was faxing restaurant orders with an eFax membership and a Microsoft Office subscription. As we’ve grown, so have our values. We don’t just cater great food, we also seamlessly empower the human experience in a delightful way while making sure everyone has a seat at the table.

Soup & Salad: Chewse + Food

AKA: Food is our middle name!

We are a food company, which means we ❤️ food. But we’re also a company made up of food lovers & foodies (two very different things, believe us), as well as picky eaters. Our food experts are committed to making sure your office has excellent meals every time, and that you’re thrilled by the variety that shows up at your doorstep.

Restaurants Experts

To make sure you’re always getting the best variety in your office, our team of Restaurants Experts works with local mom and pop shops to curate Chewse meals. From Mexican catering to BBQ catering to breakfast catering, they’re working to find the very best restaurants in your area.

Before any meals go out for delivery, Chewse employees try the first, to make sure the food is up to our standards. And, before we even get to that point, we make sure the restaurant can accommodate all of the food restrictions we serve. Whether your employees are gluten-free or vegan, they’ll have something great to eat with Chewse.

Account Managers and Help Desk Pros

When you join the Chewse catering platform, your Account Manager will work with you to develop your office’s unique Taste Profile – your likes, dislikes, food allergies, we’ll grab them all. Then, your Account Manager will make sure you’re getting meals that work for your office.

Need help catering special treats for hitting those quarterly goals? Want to cater a happy hour just because? Planning an executive brunch and looking for breakfast catering that pulls out all the stops? Your Account Manager can help. Or, are you wondering if you could get your food delivered half an hour earlier next Thursday? Our Help Desk is always happy to help with on-the-spot, friendly service.

Meal hosts and delivery specialists

Hospitality doesn’t stop at the door. With Chewse, our delivery experts will set-up your meal for your office to enjoy. No “white glove service” charge in sight – our standard is making sure you and your team are taken care of.

Want a little more service? Talk to us about getting a Chewse Meal Hosts. Our Meal Hosts go a step above delivery – they can remain during the meal and replenish your food, then repackage the leftovers.

Entrée: Chewse office catering in action

AKA: What makes Chewse special!

We aren’t just a food marketplace – at Chewse, we believe happy teams eat like family, and we want to help as many companies get there as we can. That’s why we offer family-style catering for the whole office, so everyone has a seat at our table. We’re proud of who we are – here are just a few of the things we love offering.

PS – and a few foods we love offering! 😍 Check out some delights from our stellar Restaurant Partners!

Delivery included, at no added cost

With Chewse office delivery, you won’t have to worry about tipping the driver, coordinating a separate pickup, or working with the restaurant for delivery. We care about the teams we serve, which is why you won’t see any hidden fees or charges for delivery. 

Our expert catering delivery specialists will grab your food from the restaurant – freshly cooked and piping hot! – and hand-deliver it to your office. No matter what package you have, our delivery specialists will unload and set-up your meal. All you have to do is uncover the trays and enjoy the meal!

Give back with us

Through the Chewse to Give program, we’re giving back to the local communities we’re in. After your meal, let your meal host know what you want them to recover. Then, we repackage those meals to create dignity in leftovers. Finally, we’ve partnered with Copia to work in real-time to donate food to local non-profits that need it most. Our recipient partners are able to use that food to boost community engagement and provide for their residents. As Heaven’s Harvest, one of our Austin recipient partners, told us: 

“Our entire organization has no paid staff, entirely volunteer so when the person who did the cooking was no longer able to do it we were going to shut down the meals. Having Chewse and Copia meals has taken the burden of meal planning and scrambling for cheap food. The quality is impeccable, the variety amazing.”

We’re here to help

From your dedicated Account Manager to the Chewse help desk team, we have humans on the job to make your catering experience a great one. But, as a technology company, we don’t just stop there. 

Your Chewse dashboard is your one-stop-shop for your whole catering shindig. The Chewse platform displays what meals you have on deck, the specific items you’ll be receiving (in a PDF you can send out to your team, we might add 😋), how many people we’re feeding, and what time your food is getting delivered. From your Chewse calendar dashboard, you can order a new meal, change your meal time, head count, food preferences, restaurant… the list goes on! 

But wait, there’s more! We’re kidding – but there is more. On the Chewse platform, you can also enable Slack or Google Calendar integration, so your whole team can get excited about their upcoming meals. On the same platform, you can update your dietary restrictions, change your delivery address, etc. Our goal is ease-of-use for you, so if there’s anything else you need, we also send out a feedback form for new suggestions!

Hello variety, goodbye headaches

The Chewse platform (in conjunction with our food experts) plans menus while taking your Taste Profile and food restrictions into account. We’ll make sure you’re getting food your office loves, while also providing enough variety that your people are excited. Mediterranean on a Monday? Check. Taco Tuesday? You know it. Healthy catering on Wednesday? Comin’ right up!

The Chewse platform is office catering, simplified. Our proprietary algorithm matches you with menus that work with your Taste Profiles from restaurants all over your area. 

That isn’t to say you don’t have input – your Account Manager is happy to work with you to make sure your office is satisfied. Don’t like a restaurant? You can “unlove” restaurants right from your Chewse dashboard.

Location, location, location

We only work with mom and pop restaurants, and we don’t work with chains. Our commitment to the local economy starts with our food sourcing – we invest back in the communities we’re in, and work with restaurants so they can grow as we do. 

What does this mean for you? We’re working with local favorites you go to after work or on the weekends, and getting that food to your office seamlessly. And because we’re working with mom and pop restaurants, the variety is unparallelled – no two restaurant menus are the same, so you’ll be getting new exciting foods catered to your office every time.

There’s a lot more we could say, but we’ll let our partners do the talking – click on the video to see the difference they’ve seen with Chewse.

Dessert: Family-style office catering is the way to go

AKA: Catering creates community

While we do have some grab ‘n go options for offices that need to be on-the-go, the majority of the meals we serve are family-style. Why? Because we believe sitting down together and enjoying a meal around the table is the best way for offices to bond. 

Workplace loneliness is at an all-time high, and studies show employees are lonelier at work than ever. A strong office culture and community is the best way to stave off loneliness and create bonds with the people you spend upwards of 8 hours with, every day.

That’s where office catering comes in! Bonding over a meal is the best way to have personal conversations with the people around you because people tend to have longer conversations over meals. You can boost community-building even further by offering community-building questions with every meal. Questions, like the one below, bypass the small talk and the “what are you doing this weekend?” chatter and open the gates for true connection. 

Want more? Follow Chewse on LinkedIn for community-building questions every Friday!

Like we said: we’re nacho average office catering company