It’s 8:50 AM – sh*t! You slept wayyyy past your alarm and you’re most definitely going to be late for your morning meeting. You get up faster than you have in your whole LIFE because you’re not going to be that person. There’s some weird noises happening in your stomach…oh right, the cheese and crackers last night technically didn’t count as dinner. But there’s no time for breakfast, you’re barely thinking about brushing your teeth (thank you for doing it though). You’re finally on MUNI or the 10 Freeway and you think to yourself, “if only my office had breakfast catering at work…” 

We’ve been there too many times to count. Even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day – yes your parents were right – it’s hard to work it in to a morning routine. Studies show work productivity spikes after having breakfast. But it doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal! We’re not expecting you to make a full English breakfast for yourself every morning. We’re not even going to tell you to wake up 10 minutes earlier! 

If you’re running late, or just not a morning person, there’s still hope! When you just miss that morning’s breakfast catering, office snacks and meal prepping will save you from that mid-morning crash. When you start your day with lean protein, a bit of dairy (if you can!), whole grains, and fruits and vegetables, you’re setting yourself up to kill the game. We’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to (hashtag) hack your office snack closet.

The I just missed the breakfast catering, but there’s a well-stocked snack closet

For all you who just missed the waffle bar breakfast catering this morning, this one’s for you. We’re going to venture to guess that your team’s office snacks take up a whole wall. Yogurt, granola, and breakfast cereals your parents never let you have growing up are all at your disposal. We’re like kids in a candy store just thinking about it. 

Sure, you can go with a cup of yogurt and some granola. It’s a protein-packed snack with lots of wholesome grains (but maybe a little too much sugar). But let’s spice it up this morning with a casual breakfast charcuterie.

You heard us right, we love a good meat and cheese platter. Technically it’s an adult lunchable, but it’s so much better! We don’t know about you, but it makes us feel like we got this whole “adulting” thing down. So, how can you recreate a bountiful board at work? All you need is a random assortment of cheeses (cheese slices or Babybels work marvelously), assorted nuts, fruits, and if you’re a SAAS company, some sliced meats. Grab a plate, cut the cheese (hehe), and style your plate like you’re going on a picnic in a Napa vineyard. Or not, but where’s the fun in that?? 

This easy office breakfast is just that – easy! No cooking involved and you get lots of good proteins from the cheeses and nuts. Slicing your fruit thinly is also scientifically proven™ to make you happier (according to our office poll). In all seriousness, fruits and vegetables have lots of great nutrients like Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system and Vitamin B, to keep up your energy. If you find some crackers, lay them ever so delicately alongside your cheese board and enjoy! 

The I just had enough time to grab an avocado 

Great choice, avocados are a nutrient-packed wonder fruit! They have lots of great natural fats to keep up your energy levels and are a great source of essential vitamins. Also, did you know avocadoes are high in fiber? Which, you know, keeps you regular. 

So of course we’re going to tell you that avocado toast is a great breakfast snack! Bread gets a bad rep as a carb, but carbs aren’t always unhealthy (especially if you’re opting for healthy complex carbs like whole-grain bread). And, if you are going to eat carbs, it’s best to eat them earlier on in the day. They can give you enough energy to jumpstart your day, then help you keep movin’ all day long. 

You might be thinking, tell me something I don’t know. But how about picking up a loaf at your favorite bakery and keeping it at the office for a quick breakfast throughout the week? All that’s left is to pop it in the toaster and top it with that avocado you remembered to bring. You can also switch it up with whatever you can find in the office fridge (just don’t steal anyone else’s food)! Top your toast with nut butter or cut up strawberries and honey. 

Not really in to avocado toast? We know it sounds weird, but with its creamy texture and good-for-you attitude, try chopping up some avocados to top on plain yogurt, granola and drizzle with honey. The variation in texture will be a party in your mouth! Go ahead, feel free to do a little shimmy while eating, we won’t tell.

The I never wake up more than 15 minutes before leaving  

Does this painfully resonate with you? We’ve been there. If your office isn’t hip to breakfast catering quite yet, then meal planning and prepping is right up your alley! Meal prepping saves time, money, and if you’re trying to eat healthy, keeps you on track. 

One of the best go-to options is greek yogurt. Ah yes, that thing you eat when you need probiotics. It tastes vaguely tangy? Does that mean it’s gone bad? Not quite – and though it might take a few days to get used to, Greek yogurt is a great way to start your day. There’s a reason it’s a breakfast staple. It’s a quick way to get tons of protein and, yes, all those good-for-your-gut probiotics. Grab a tub of 0 or 2% Greek yogurt, and just store it in your office fridge! Add fresh blueberries, honey, or even poppy seeds!

You’ve seen it all over Instagram and Buzzfeed: overnight oats. For good reason! Nothing screams “Monday morning” like a healthy grab-n-go option. Whether you’re a meal-prep-all-Sunday sort of guy or why-cook-when-I-can-eat-out gal, overnight oats are so easy, your baby brother could make ‘em. To start, find a mason jar at your local hardware store (#hip), some old-fashioned rolled oats (#vintage), and your favorite type of milk/mylk (#moo?). 

The great thing about overnight oats is, there’s plenty of room for creativity. Love yogurt? Add it! Fiending for a banana? Mash it up and throw it in! Whatever ingredients you want, just add them together and stir them up. Then, refrigerate for at least 5 hours, top with fruit/nuts/seeds/protein powder/coconut/granola, and voila! We’re also partial to dessert for breakfast so try adding peanut butter and chocolate chips or syrup. Watch it melt and thank us later. Whatever you choose, enjoy your favorite concoction on your way to work or as you catch up on morning emails. 

Please, just eat some breakfast (or try breakfast catering!) 

Like we said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even when you just…can’t…make your day go a little smoother with tasty, energy-packed treats. Try one of these tips next time you catch yourself dozing off in that morning meeting or rushing to the train station. In the meantime, convince your office manager to sign up for breakfast catering. From quick options to full breakfast, office breakfast catering is one less thing to think about so you can focus on your big presentation or getting that raise.