At Chewse, it’s our goal to be the best office lunch (among other meals 😉) delivery catering service you’ve ever had. To get there, we’ve broken the way we think of our “service” into three pillars: Hospitality, Community, and Technology.

We talk about these pillars on various pages, like our Home Page and our “Who We Are” page, but in a nutshell, they mean: 


We’re taking care of you, and to do so, we’re taking care of our people. From delivery to full-service clean-up, we’re here to help!


We source locally, facilitate office community through food, and give back to the local community in order to engage holistically with our cities.


Our Chewse platform seamlessly empowers the human experience. From automating your meals to a delightful interface, our technology sets us apart.

We’ll be diving in to each pillar in the next few weeks (with pillar-specific web pages soon to come, stay-tuned!), but today we wanted to talk about a facet of our Hospitality pillar, aka, our meal hosts.

Who are Chewse meal hosts?

Though everyone at Chewse is tasked with rallying around the customer experience, the meal hosts are your boots-on-the-ground friend for all things office lunch (or breakfast or dinner!) delivery. They’re the ones making sure you’re getting the best possible catering experience, cleaning up once team has enjoyed your meal, and facilitating leftover donation with Copia. 

Our meal hosts are our superheroes. Here’s some insight into what their role typically looks like.

A Day in the Life of a Meal Host

Punctual, friendly, and always-responsive

Every company has their own unique set of company values, beliefs, principles, and habits they like to employ. For some companies, those habits can extend to food – and we love when companies have an established way of doing things! Do you, for example, want all of your vegetables on one table, and any meats on the other? Do you prefer to have your plates at the front of the “lunch line” but your utensils in the back?

Whatever the “ideal setup” looks like in your office, your meal host will work with you to get our setup to match. This means getting the food there with plenty of time to spare, following your directions on how to get into the building, and any other company-specific arrangements you might need. Whether you want to forego our compostable plates and utensils and use your own or you always want bowls to be set out by the plates, they’ve got you covered.

Like we said, meal host = superhero.

Speaking of set-up, let’s talk manpower

Hey, we’re not judging – we know that, at the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to make sure the food looks right. Your meal host is happy to work with you if you’d like to be involved. If you’d rather explain the steps and sit back? They can work with that too.

Office Managers aren’t just catering machines, and your meal host is happy to help support you however you need, so you can bring community, culture, and enjoyment to your office.

Eat with your team, not after them

We see you Office Manager! We know you’re constantly running around making sure everything looks great. Heck, most Office Managers have a hard time defining their roles, because it tends to be more-or-less “the person that makes this happen.” And while your meal host isn’t going to get in the way of that, they are there to step in so you can sit down.

They’ll take care of replenishing food trays and cleaning up accidental spills during the serving period, so you can grab a plate, load up on the good stuff, and enjoy wtith your team.

Post-meal logistics, handled

Did a few of your employees miss lunch because a meeting went long? No sweat. Your meal host can make a plate (or two) to set aside for any team members who might need it. Better yet, they’re happy to make gluten-free or vegan plates – just let them know if the missing team member has a dietary restriction!

Then, once everyone has enjoyed the meal, they’ll pack up the leftovers and clean up the mess. Wiping down tables, putting things back to normal – even donating the food, if you don’t want to keep it.

All of this to say: don’t be surprised when your space looks good-as-new once they’re done with it!

Donations included, so you can connect with the local community

Through the Chewse to Give program, your meal host can donate any leftovers to local non-profits. Just let them know that you want to participate, and they’ll take any leftovers back to our warehouse. There, we wait until all meal hosts get back, then we repackage the food into new containers.

Why do we do that? Because so much of the food that’s donated looks unwanted, or is a small portion in a huge container. By repackaging the food, we can create dignity in leftovers. Then, we weigh the leftovers and use Copia’s real-time software to route the leftovers to the folks who need it most. It’s office catering done right.

This year, we’re on track to deliver 75,000 meals!

Like we said… our meal hosts are our superheroes. They’ve got you covered (with a friendly smile to boot) to make sure your office lunch delivery goes off smoothly and without a hitch.

We’re on a mission to be the best office lunch delivery catering service in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Silicon Valley, and Chicago, and our meal hosts are the reason we’re getting there.

Want to see a Chewse meal host in action? Sign up for a trial meal today!