So you’ve read our eBook or maybe took a look at our website. Now you’re wondering what the heck your office meal delivery will look like. Great! Excellent! You’re in the right place. 

The weird yet fantastic power of the internet inspired this blog, so yes, you will see a bunch of memes. More importantly, we wanted to give you a better sense of what you can actually expect from ordering a recurring meal for your team. Whether it’s breakfast catering, lunch catering, anytime catering, here’s all the info you might be too afraid to ask for, or simply didn’t know!

Of course, this post doesn’t touch upon the nuances your team might be facing, so reach out to us if you have more questions. If you want to send us a meme, that’s cool too, we’d love to hear from you!

Expectation: free buffet vs Reality: curated office catering menus

If it walks like a buffet and talks like a buffet, then it must be a buffet…right? Wrong. Yes, we serve our food family style. But it doesn’t mean that you can dip into the vegetarian-only entree (they can’t eat your food, so please don’t eat their food!). Sorry!

When we set you up with your account, we work with your rockstar office admin to make sure dietary preferences and food allergies are accounted for. On our end, our restaurant team works tirelessly with our partners to make sure the menus available meet the FDA’s major dietary restrictions. We want to make sure everyone – from meat-eaters to vegan, gluten-free folks – has a seat at the table. 

And hey, if your team tends to have a large appetite after a long day of world-changing, ground-breaking work, your account manager can certainly help accommodate. Maybe then your reality will be a buffet ;). 

Expectation: Allergies rule everything around me vs Reality: office catering menus for every diet

Allergies rule everything around us, too. But we think allergies don’t have to be difficult to live with – especially with your office meal delivery. Sure it’s hard to feel like everyone around you is bending over backwards just so your stomach doesn’t growl. To us, accommodating allergies and preferences is an act of love!

We never want to hear you say, “Oh don’t worry about me, I’m vegan so I can’t eat that anyway.” You made a personal decision for your health or for environmental reasons. It’s hard enough to stick to it when pizza smells so damn good. We want you to feel confident and proud of your choices when you’re standing in line for your lunch. We take extra care to make sure there’s something to eat for everyone.

We also welcome the opportunity to continuously improve our office catering menus. Maybe you’ve had enough tofu for a lifetime, or all the ads for Impossible and Beyond Meats make you salivate. Let us know what you’re craving and we’ll have a whole team working to make your dreams come true. Or at least we’ll try!

Expectation: beacon of health vs Reality: pasta forever (it’s okay, pasta is delicious) 

At the time of writing, summer is in full swing. And you know what that means! Targeted ads for swimsuits and vacation shots galore! We’ve all mentally congratulated Patricia for going on another vacation while we’re sitting at our desk researching how to meal plan for ultimate wellness.

HA! Just kidding, we gave up on that a long time ago. But in our attempt to “be healthy” (and not think about how we didn’t book a trip further in advance), office meal delivery comes to the rescue. If you’re like us, i.e. trying to stay healthy, but constantly distracted by pasta, you’re in good hands. 

Your office catering menus will, a lot of the time, come with a delicious, bountiful salad. Seriously! Salads can be really, really good. We sometimes like to pile a big mound of greens on the plate then take just one (!!!) scoop of the rest of the goodies in the lunch line. That way, you still get a taste of all the good stuff, while filling up on the better-for-you stuff. Try out this trick and you’ll become the beacon of health, it’s simple facts. 

Expectation: sandwiches everyday vs Reality: a foodie’s dream

More like SADwich, right??? Okay, well, that’s not completely true (lookin’ at you Bay Cities Deli, Dinosaur’s, Firenze, Way South Philly, and World Wrapps). Your office meal delivery features tons of local restaurants for full, satisfying meals everyone will love. We work to make sure you’re getting lots of great variety in your meal program so that you never get bored. Most of them even come hot! 

You might have dumplings one day, Cantonese barbeque the next, and maybe ice cream sandwiches for dessert. We admit that last one is indeed a sandwich, but it’s arguably the best kind of sandwich. We bet you’ll forgive us once you bite into that deep, dark chocolate cookie and cool mint chip ice cream.

But we digress! Just know that your meal program will feature tons of variety, even if you’re wanting something on-the-go. And if you do happen to want sandwiches, you won’t be getting Subway or Panera catering – you’ll enjoy big, fresh sandwiches from a local spot we love.

Expectation: a catering disaster vs Reality: delivery experts who maintain quality

Maybe you’ve been to a wedding or a big conference where the food was…subpar. Maybe it looked like it was missing the most important ingredient of all: love! Catering gets a bad rep because it’s typically made for thousands of people – which takes days and days to prepare. Your office most likely does not feed thousands of people, but whether you have 20 or a couple hundred, your office meal delivery is handled with that love stuff we keep talking about. 

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for a great meal from beginning to end. We want to take all the work out of the meal so you can sit back and enjoy. So we’re not going to make extra work for you by cleaning up messy trays! 

We work with high-quality, community-driven restaurants who take food quality seriously, because we do too. We train our vendors on certain standards we expect to deliver a beautifully presented meal. Our office meal delivery staff also take extra precaution when transporting the meal to your office.

The reality is, your office meal delivery is designed to blow any expectations you had about offering a meal program to your team out of the water. It’s not some millennial hogwash that’s an excuse to slack off. Stepping away from your desk and recharging over a shared meal helps productivity and reduces stress. Read more about how you can build community over a shared meal, or find out if we’re in your city!