Our business is pretty simple: we deliver tasty meals from a local restaurant straight to your office. In reality there’s a lot more to it! We have teams of people working to make sure your office meal delivery is easy as pie.  

And we do it in each of our markets! But no city was built the same. Comparing San Francisco’s hills to Los Angeles’ sprawling freeways is like comparing apples to oranges. Let’s not even talk about how weather impacts deliveries. So how do we do this in each of our very different cities?

You’ve probably come across our Hospitality Guide if you’ve poked around our website. It’s our one-stop shop for how we service your office meal delivery. From set-up to meal facilitation, we do it with an infectious smile. It doesn’t begin there, though. We also live our hospitality-mindset behind the scenes, too.

We dedicate ourselves to rallying around the customer experience in order to provide service with a smile and to take the work off of your team’s hands. This simply means that, like any hospitality-focused service, the customer comes first. So, we’ve built an operations philosophy for all of our cities to follow to make sure we live up to these standards every single time.

We’re not claiming to invent the wheel or that we’re doing it better than others (although…). But we’re proud of where we’ve come and where we’re going. Now we want to pull back the curtains to share with you just a few tips and tricks from our operations philosophy guide.

1) Detail-oriented or bust! 

The whole reason why you want to take meal delivery off your plate is so someone can take care of all the tiny details, right? We thought so. That’s why we pride ourselves on being hyper-focused on every last detail of your meal program.

It’s like adding finishing salt to a dish or making sure the cheese is browned just so. Everyone from our operations teams to our sales teams (and more!) make sure every internal process is carried out to perfection. Our teams need to be detail-oriented to the max to make sure your office meal delivery goes smoothly.

We do this is by hiring and training detail-oriented people and personalizing pick-up times to suit your meal delivery time. Both take lots of time and attention to detail to carry out! But we do it because we want to make sure you don’t have to think about a thing. Let us explain how we do it…

Hiring for stellar office meal delivery

This is where the hospitality mindset comes into play. When we hire for our catering operations staff, we’re looking for two things: someone who will rally around the customer experience and consistency. 

Our catering operations staff are our boots-on-the-ground personnel who have the most in-depth knowledge about your team. They get to know how your team eats, and are there to request more food if you need it. Or, they can simply relay your special request for a happy hour back to your account manager. We want you to trust your catering operations specialist like family. If you’re ever in a pickle you know they will stop everything they’re doing to help you.

Building trust requires consistency. We don’t expect you to dive into the deep end with us right away. That’s why we take you through a trial process where we get to know each other a little bit. We get to know your likes, dislikes, and preferences for your office meal delivery. 

We look for people who take the initiative to make your meals the best experiences possible each and every time. Catering operations specialists are your meal delivery advocate so we want passionate hard-workers who lead with their hearts and their minds. They’ll care for your exact meal set-up specifications and problem-solve in the moment if you need anything else with your meal.

Food is highly personal and everyone has their own preferences. We hire catering operations specialists who live and breathe this mindset. We look for people who will lead your team through a tasty meal. They are the embodiment of everything Chewse stands for, so we do our due diligence to hire people who understand that.

2) Personalized office meal delivery times

One of the key details we ask right off the bat is your team’s meal time. We use this meal time to calculate every step of your office meal delivery process. Everything from restaurant pick-up to drop-off at your office and meal delivery set-up to breakdown is calculated. We make these calculations for each and every meal we serve. We’ll even re-calculate delivery times if you decide to push your meal back by 15 minutes! 

The trial process allows us to review these calculations so that we’re accounting for any nuances like parking or slow elevators (seriously!). It takes a lot of planning to make sure your meal delivery goes smoothly. Keeping a detailed account of these meal delivery calculations is the key factor to ensure it does. 

3) Taking Chewse culture on the road

We bring our love and excellence culture with us to every new market we operate in. We are constantly working to maintain and build upon our culture as we expand, while also ensuring that all markets are connected to one another. We’re so serious about this that we’ve written guidelines in our operations philosophy for how in-market teams should practice this.

No matter what team you’re on or where you work, we all need to be focused on our one true goal: making sure everyone has a seat at the table. We’ve expressly written guidelines for our on-the-ground teams to spend time with one another. We swear, it’s all part of our love and excellence culture! We encourage – even require – building trusting relationships with one another to achieve this, just like we do with your office meal delivery.

Beyond weekly check-ins, in-market teams participate in regularly scheduled non-work hangouts. It mind sound silly, but we’re adamant that simple hangouts with colleagues in a non-work setting build the trust necessary for future problem-solving. Things happen all the time, but when people forge deep, authentic connections with one another, challenges are overcome together.

Our service pillars

Maybe this all sounds a little crazy. But if you’ve ever had one of our meals, you can sense the love and passion we have for what we do. The thing is, it wouldn’t be like this if we weren’t ultra-detail oriented, focused on personalization, and obsessed with evangelizing our culture. Take a look at our three service pillars for more on how we deliver love and excellence to your team, or sign-up today to see our operations philosophy in action!