Welcome to our Restaurant Spotlight series! Each week, we feature just a few of our stellar restaurant partners in each of our cities. Naturally, for breakfast week, we’re featuring some of our standout Chewse restaurant breakfast catering partners! 

Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day, the (arguably) best replacement-for-dinner, and everyone’s favorite weekend activity. But even though breakfast is loved and beloved by so many, it’s often downplayed, brushed aside, or even (*gasp*) skipped during the week. 

What’s worse than opening up your email and seeing a full inbox with at least three “{URGENT}” messages. Ugh. Our solution? Eating (healthy) at the start of the day, so you can amp up your energy! Breakfast also gets your brain powered so you can jump head-first into your day. We know (trust us, we’ve been there) that checking those emails is oh-so-tempting, but taking the time to stop and eat in a mindful way will set you up for all day success.

When you eat breakfast with your team, you get to chat about the previous day’s deliverables, plan out this week’s goals, and connect on a personal level before you get cranking. Plus – you get to eat breakfast together!

Don’t just take our word for it – here are some of the amazing breakfasts we cater throughout the country, courtesy of our Restaurant Partners!

Los Angeles

Come for the homemade Japanese-French style pastries, stay for everything else! Amandine Patisserie Cafe has been serving Angelenos for over a decade. Exclusively with Chewse, they have all kinds of delectable breakfast options for any occasion. 

Need a continental-style breakfast to welcome the new hires? They’ve got everything from yogurt parfaits to homemade, fruit-filled danishes. Want to delight your team? Try their build-your-own toast bar with all kinds of toppings like avocado, creamy nutella, and housemade seasonal jams. Amandine Patisserie makes breakfast a no-brainer so you can focus on tackling the day.

San Francisco

Do you remember your first-ever breakfast buffet? The mouth-watering pastries, the bright oranges, reds, and yellows of fruit salad, and so many breakfast potatoes! The kid in us is giddy just thinking about it. That’s what a meal from Gourmet Catering is like. 

Whether you’re grabbing a breakfast burrito on the way to a meeting or enjoying a classic American breakfast with eggs and sausage galore, Gourmet Catering delivers, period. And it doesn’t stop there. They’ve got a waffle bar – yes, you read that right. Gourmet Catering is making dreams come true with fluffy waffles (vegan and gluten-free options available!) and tempting toppings like whipped cream and berries. 

Silicon Valley

Pronounced Luh Boo-lawn-ZHAY, Le Boulanger’s fresh-baked sourdough has been a Bay Area staple since the 1980s. You might say Le Boulanger has made a name for itself in the Bay. This family-owned business has to 14 retail locations, plus dedicated wholesale and catering arms. Try their food for yourself and you’ll understand how they got there!

With fresh, trademark-Bay-Area sourdough bread made from the highest-quality ingredients, try Le Boulanger for an on-the-go pick up if you’re running late to a meeting, or an even better bring-to-the-meeting-and-delight-everyone surprise for your hungry office. Try their assorted bagels and fruit for the perfect all-day-energy!


Co-owners Dustin and Chase grew up in Florida and started their professional careers in finance. Luckily, they quickly realized “real jobs” weren’t for them – enter the original Austin Daily Press food trailer! What started out as a late-night food trailer has grown into a classic, flavor-filled Austin classic. Since 2012, Austin Daily Press’s brick and mortar store has been serving classic Mexican treats and breakfast delights. 

The chefs at ADP, led by Reed Faitak, take what they call a “vegetable-forward” approach to food. And trust us – when it comes to restaurant breakfast catering, this couldn’t be a better idea. From their fresh cauliflower chorizo to their sweet potato hash, ADP’s original take on breakfast classics doesn’t dissapoint.


Chewse Chicago catering is officially open! We’re bringing some of Chicago’s finest restaurants stragith to your office. Like Bakin & Eggs! A true neighborhood gem, Bakin & Eggs does breakfast (and everything else) right. Co-owners, Gina and Bob Hartwig, marry their professional pastry skills with classic American dishes for some seriously delicious eats.

You can taste the passion the pair have for the craft in everything they make. They’re turning up the volume on breakfast with a whole lot of bacon (jalapeño bacon, anyone?) and banana-pecan french toast. Try their build-your-own breakfast taco bar featuring spicy chorizo and salty queso fresco. What more could you possibly need?

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