Welcome to our Restaurant Spotlights series! Each week, we’ll feature just a few of our rockstar restaurant partners in our cities. This week? Some of our tastiest healthy catering Restaurant Partners!

Chewse’s restaurant partners know how to make healthy food – let’s face it – not suck. With these tasty lunch options, we’re never left with afternoon hunger pangs or wishing we had a big ol’ bowl of macaroni and cheese instead. In fact, their food is the fuel that keeps us powering through that 4 PM Friday meeting.  

Organic, locally-sourced ingredients and healthy takes on comfort food classics will make you realize healthy food isn’t limited to rice crackers and salads. Let these restaurants show you that loading up on lean proteins, colorful vegetables, and whole grains – all with an eye for responsible practices – is all it takes to re-energize your body and soul.

Whether you want to hit that fitness goal or just want to feel good from the inside out, Chewse has the restaurant for you! Read on for some of our crave-worthy healthy catering restaurant partners.

Los Angeles

You may know them for their brunch, but Eat This Cafe’s fresh California cuisine is serving up clean lunches to awaken your soul. The owners wanted to channel a neighborhood-style cafe celebrating the bounty of California’s produce. 

What they’ve come up with are hearty and colorful salads with ancient grains and sustainable proteins with bright flavors. We can’t get enough of their deep-red beet salad paired beautifully with their Mediterranean grilled chicken.

San Francisco

Green Tiffin is on a mission to bring you sustainable, conscious food good for you and the planet. Many of their dishes are plant-based and sourced from farms local to San Francisco. Their seasonally-driven menu pairs the freshest ingredients with owner Adrian Tay’s childhood flavors from Southeast Asia.

Their Rawr Pad Thai levels up your go-to takeout favorite by swapping out traditional rice noodles for zucchini noodles. Nutrient-packed and carb-friendly, Green Tiffin tosses their zoodles with a whole bunch of fresh herbs, crunchy cabbage, and nutty sesame seeds. We top our Green Tiffin bowl with all kinds of toppings like their apple-carrot slaw and peanut sauce. With a meal like this, it’s hard to say yes to anything else.

Silicon Valley

Poke House’s three pillars of delicious, fresh, and sustainable are what make healthy catering more than just calorie-counting. They source all their fish from sustainable and fair trade vendors, so you know that every bite means your ahi tuna or scallops are part of a responsible supply chain.  All this to say: Poke House wants you to feel good after eating good food – and they mean it! 

Our favorite part about their poke bowl (besides their fresh, sustainable ingredients)? All. the. toppings. Choose your own adventure from fresh jalapeño to sweet mango or more traditional furikake and spicy togarashi. Then, simply finish with housemade sauces and you’ve got a flavor-packed meal that will give you lasting energy.


You’ve probably seen their fresh sandwiches and wraps at your local restaurant or cafe! The Green Cart’s motto is, “eat no evil.” They’re bringing Austinites healthy options made with the fresh, whole foods. Better yet, Green Cart’s minimally-processed foods mean you don’t have to worry about preservatives or hard-to-pronounce ingredients. 

With Chewse, they’re serving up grain bowls you can’t get anywhere else and taking “healthy catering” to the next level. Flavor-packed proteins, whole grains, and lots of vegetables make this bowl a healthy, hearty option. We love generously drizzling their basil oil on everything.


Just Salad isn’t only serving up fresh and healthy salads – they’ve got bowls, wraps, and sandwiches that feature sustainably-sourced and raised ingredients. Their dedication to sustainability and zero-waste will make you feel good about where your lunch is coming from.

All of their produce and proteins are tenderly cooked, either roasted, baked, or steamed (or raw!) without heavy saturated oils to weigh you down. In a city where meat and cheese reign supreme, Just Salad is a refreshing change of pace. We’re loving their vegan tofu bowl, packed with tender sesame-tofu and sweet and savory carrot-edamame slaw.

All of this to say – catering doesn’t have to be unhealthy! Whether you opt for these healthy catering restaurant partners or others, know that there are always ways to eat healthy with office catering – here are just a few tips to get you started.

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