Welcome to our Restaurant Spotlights series! Each week, we’ll feature just a few of our rockstar restaurant partners in our cities. (Check out last week’s post here!) This week? Some of our tastiest Mexican catering Restaurant Partners!

Mexican cuisine isn’t just limited to Taco Tuesday and margaritas. When you taste the perfect salsa or bite into a taco, unleashing the juices insidewell, there’s nothing quite like it. 

A lot of what we call “Mexican food” is actually closer to “Tex-Mex” – a blend of Americanized Mexican food that’s popped up over the years. Hefty amounts of flour tortillas, gooey cheese blends, and beef are more likely to be Tex-Mex than Mexican. 

The origins of what we’ve come to know and love as Mexican food are hard to trace. For example, no one really knows where or when the burrito was invented. Was it, as some folk histories describe, invented during the Mexican Revolution and named “burrito” because it was served from the back of a donkey (burro)? All we know is that we thank our ancestors everyday for this most perfect invention. 

Whether you salivate over that addicting cheese pull or prefer more traditional molés, fresh-roasted peppers, and stewed meats, you’re in good company. Grab chips, some guac, and dig in to our must-try Mexican catering spots!

Los Angeles

Mexican food has always been at the core of Los Angeles’ food scene. Lately though, a Mexican cuisine renaissance is sweeping the city. From long-established taco trucks to upscale spots like Chef Ray Garcia’s Broken Spanish, you can’t go wrong.

If you ask us, we have a soft spot for seaside Baja Cantina‘s Mexican catering. What’s better than a cold drink, cheesy enchiladas and that Santa Monica breeze? Baja Cantina’s Tex-Mex cantina vibe has been winning over hearts in Marina del Rey for over 40 years. Their tangy chile verde sauce comes smothered on house-made tamales or enchiladas. You’ll be ordering a second round before you even finish your first. 

Yeah, yeah, we know it’s hard to get to, so let us bring it to you! We mean the food – not the drinks. We asked, but unfortunately catering drinks is not a thing we can do. Yet. 

San Francisco

You’ve probably seen their mouth-wateringly famous, orange-hued salsa at Whole Foods or your local corner store. But have you tried their tacos, burritos, and more? When Victor Escobedo founded Papalote in 1999 with his brother, Papalote took the Mission taqueria scene by storm – not an easy thing to do. 

With the freshest ingredients, like Harris Ranch beef and organic, free-range chicken, Papalote’s full menu consists of burritos, tacos, and taco “salads.” And their queso fundido! Think melted cheese and spicy chorizo served in a sizzling hot cast iron dish. Papalote is second to none serving up plenty of veg-friendly options like tofu mole and soyrizo. Vegetarians rejoice!

The duo’s real claim to fame though is that they beat Bobby Flay on his very own show, Throwdown with Bobby Flay. The brothers whipped up a burrito better than the Tex-Mex guy himself. Once you take the first bite of a Papalote burrito or douse your tacos in their famous sauce, you’ll see why. 

Silicon Valley

A Bay Area classic, Tacolicious was founded in 2009 by Joe Hargrave. Opening Tacolicious was less of a short-term goal and more of a life-long dream; Joe has loved Mexican culture and cuisine since his family trips to Baja in the ‘70s. Lovingly called T-lish by employees, his stand at the Thursday Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market has taken off into five Bay Area locations. 

Tacolicious is also involved in the Tacolicious School Project – a commitment to giving back to public education throughout their SF, Palo Alto, and San Jose locations. Since starting the Tacolicious School Project in 2012, Tacolicious has donated over $1,000,000 to 54 public schools throughout the Bay. 

As if their philanthropy and restaurant history weren’t good enough, Tacolicious’s Mexican catering is to-drool-over. We’re obsessed with their braised short rib and chorizo-potatoes. Pair those with soft corn tortillas, garlicky black beans, and their avocado-tomatillo salsa verde and you are good to go!


The centerpiece of Carlos Rivero’s three-restaurant dynasty, El Alma celebrates Chef Alma Alcocer’s two culinary histories: that of a talented trained chef and of a Mexico City native. Chef Alma’s intricate blend of these two culinary styles brings a pop and flair to El Alma’s food that has Austin natives coming back for more. Whether you’re enjoying El Alma’s delicate tortillas, traditional pork al pastor, or smoky corn pudding – we’re just plain jealous.

Carlos Rivero other two Austin delights – El Chile and El Chilito – are also hard to beat. El Chilito acts as El Chile’s “younger brother,” a fast casual approach to the same scratch-made flavors and, lest we forget, those hand-made tortillas.

Which ever strikes your fancy, the El Chile group is a powerhouse trio of restaurants. Cater all three with Chewse and let their food soothe your soul!

Can you tell we’re passionate about big, bold Mexican (or Tex-Mex!) flavors made with love? Get one of these spots catered to your office and more in any of Chewse’s cities!