Welcome to our Restaurant Spotlight series! Each week, we’ll feature just a few of our rockstar restaurant partners in our cities. This week? We’re showing what you can look forward to in your San Francisco catering delivery.

San Francisco is home to some of the best chefs, restaurants, and eaters (that’s you!) in the country; U.S. News says so! SF is lucky to have all kinds of incredible produce and products just over the bridge or down the coast. It’s the birthplace of every kind of eating style from hyperlocal, farm-to-table experiences (thank you Alice Waters <3 ) to vegan and global cuisines galore. 

With the rise of San Francisco food delivery services – and more specifically, San Francisco catering delivery like Chewse – diners have access to many more types of cuisines than ever before. However, it’s really difficult to own and operate a restaurant here. In fact, the City is the second worst place to open a restaurant in the United States. But thanks to innovative solutions like La Cocina’s kitchen incubator program, people are becoming more creative about how to get doors open and stomachs fed.

We’ve rounded up some of our restaurant partners to show you a day of eating through our San Francisco catering delivery service. If you find yourself drooling, you’re in good company!


A newcomer to Chewse, Mr. East Kitchen features classic American breakfast favorites with a Southeast Asian spin. Anything you get from Mr. East Kitchen will make you feel like you’re eating weekend brunch with your friends…even though it’s only Tuesday. But at least your coworkers are your friends (we hope). 

We can picture it now: Tom Yum scrambled eggs filled with vegetables and a little kick from tasty Thai spices. Of course, we can’t forget their Thai tea french toast that will surely knock your socks off. And, for those days when your alarm didn’t go off and MUNI ran 20 minutes late (again), grab a big ol’ breakfast sandwich.


One of very few dim sum spots in the Mission, Pushcart Fare takes traditional dim sum specialties and makes it their own with the help of fresh, local ingredients. The result is mouth-watering, contemporary dim sum for avid fans and newbies alike. 

Pushcart Fare’s modern take on traditional dim sum is summed up with their signature dish: charcoal egg yolk bun. The black-hued, pillowy bun envelops a sweetened eggy custard and is brushed with gold, yes GOLD. Talk about an Instagrammable treat. 


If you’ve ever been to Outside Lands or Off the Grid, you’ve most certainly seen one of Mozzeria’s food trucks. You’ve also probably seen them transporting a 5,000 pound wood-fired oven, which churns out Neapolitan-style pizzas to order. They’re even AVPN-certified, i.e. their Neapolitan-style ‘zas are the real deal. And if that wasn’t enough, their staff is made up of deaf individuals. Not only do they make the pizzas of your dreams, they create economic opportunity for a group who largely face major difficulties securing full-time work. 

For the pies themselves, the wood-fired oven gives each chewy pie tasty little char pockets – it’s not burnt, that’s that certified flavor we were talking about. You can’t go wrong with their classic Margherita or contemporary offerings like Hosui Pear with creamy brie and crisp pear. 


End the day or celebrate your new hires with CREAM’s wildly popular ice cream sandwiches. With dozens of locations nationwide, CREAM is leading the charge on delectable sweet treats that remind us of childhood summers chasing down the ice cream truck.

They’ve got something for everyone – yes, even gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream lovers! Gobble down their classic chocolate chip with vanilla ice cream or enjoy deep, dark chocolate with dairy-free mint chip. You scream, I scream, we all scream for CREAM!

Eating our way through San Francisco catering delivery

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