Welcome to our Restaurant Spotlights series! Each week, we’ll feature just a few of our rockstar restaurant partners in our cities. This week? Some of our tastiest partners for office catering Austin!

Food delivery in Austin has blown up! The convenience of food delivery makes it easier to try all kinds of new foods from neighborhoods you may not have explored just yet. And for a meal at the office? People are catching on to this new era of catering at the office. Hungry office workers are searching for office catering in Austin like never before (we know, we checked). 

In a land where tacos and barbeque seem to reign supreme, and there are lots of delivery options out there, how can someone choose? Much less choose on an empty stomach?! Whether you’re waking up to that beautiful Texas sunrise or need a bite before heading to a show at The Continental Club, Chewse will help you navigate the Austin food scene! We’ve rounded up just a few of our restaurant picks to give you a taste of what a Chewse meal at your office might look like.


Biderman’s Deli needs no introduction. Austin’s foremost authority on Jewish-style deli fare is the city’s answer to all those New York spots you wish were closer. And lucky for you, you won’t have to go downtown to get them because we’ll bring them to you with your office catering Austin! 

Biderman’s whips up (literally) creamy shmears like classic chive and new-school faves like peanut butter and nutella cream cheese. Spread ‘em on satisfyingly chewy bagels of all flavors. The best part of all? You get to choose your own adventure by making a bagel masterpiece all your own.


When we tried MezzeMe the first time it was like we were blessed by the hummus spirits! MezzeMe follows the traditional recipes owner, Moody Ugur, grew up with in his native Turkey. MezzeMe’s commitment to healthy, locally-sourced ingredients will give you all the energy you need to power through your afternoon. 

Clearly, MezzeMe is not your average Mediterranean spot. Their ultra-fresh salads, dips, vegetables, and flavor-packed meats means you’ll regret old-you for settling for a sad desk lunch. We can’t wait for you to try their rich and tomato-y shakshuka and their refreshing zucchini yogurt.


In a town known for its barbeque, we think Lotus Chinese’s traditional Cantonese barbeque stands boldly alongside the big dogs of Texas barbeque. There’s room for both in our book and we’re bringing them to you in your office catering Austin!

Slow-roasted pork, salty and sweet sauces, and ALL of the fried noodles and juicy steamed dumplings – this is just a taste of what you can expect from your meal. If you’re spending a late night at the office, or just eating at the office before your friend’s show, amplify your Chinese takeout with Lotus! 


Handmade chocolates and truffles, delivered straight to your office? Heck yeah! Austin chocolatier, Edis Rezende, hand dips and rolls every rich chocolate-y morsel found at Edis’ Chocolates. Her award-winning truffles and confections have been winning over Austinites hearts for years. Needless to say, her chocolates won over ours too!

Enjoy seasonal hand-rolled truffles as a thank you to your team. Or celebrate employees’ birthdays with Edis’ cakes, like fudgy flourless chocolate cake. A party isn’t a celebration without a sweet treat – and if it’s from Edis’, all the better!


Austin’s got a whole lot more to offer than tacos and barbeque – but don’t worry, we’ve got a whole lot of both. We’re having a great time delivering you office catering Austin, and getting full while doing it. Check out what we’re serving up in your neck of the woods or, if you’re hungry for more, sign-up with us today to get rockin’ and rollin’!