Welcome to our Restaurant Spotlights series! Each week, we’ll feature just a few of our rockstar restaurant partners in our cities. This week? Some of our tastiest partners for all your Silicon Valley catering needs!

It’s not all Soylent and tech campus cafeterias in Silicon Valley. The tech boom has drawn more people, eyes, and attention to San Francisco’s little sister city in the Valley. And even before the boom, San Jose and the surrounding area was a landing pad for people from all over the world. The result is a diverse cityscape where innovation – of ideas and food – blossom.

It’s why you’ll stumble across all kinds of restaurants showcasing traditional food from Nepal, Vietnam, Latin America, and everywhere in between. It’s where you might find the best hole-in-the-wall dumpling shop (and Chewse partner!) tucked away in a strip mall. Or a food truck churning out the most magical combination of Korean and Mexican fare – a match made in fusion food heaven if you ask us. 

With all kinds of people moving to as far north as San Mateo and south as San Jose, their hungry stomachs are moving with them. Here’s just a little taste of what you might eat for a day of Silicon Valley catering with Chewse! 


Mikayla’s Cafe is a quaint Santa Clara breakfast and lunch spot offering that welcoming neighborhood cafe-feel. It’s a safe haven for the much-needed Saturday morning cup of coffee and pastry. Chef-owners, John and San Pol, named Mikayla’s after their daughter. When you bite into your a treat from Mikayla’s – whether in your Silicon Valley catering or at their cafe – you can taste that familial love.

How about a pastry and fresh fruit buffet for the all-company meeting? Or a full, hot breakfast for the team? Mikayla’s has your back. American comfort classics adorn the menu and their from-scratch cooking will satisfy your belly. We try to order buttermilk biscuits and gravy or their croissant sandwiches piled with fluffy eggs any chance we get!


This Silicon Valley staple needs no introduction. But we’re going to do it anyway. Oren Dobronsky, a serial technologist and entrepreneur, opened Oren’s Hummus to bring the hummus he grew up with in Tel Aviv to Silicon Valley. Seems like everyone else in the Bay Area needed it too, because Oren’s is everywhere. They’ve expanded to four brick-and-mortar locations, farmer’s markets, and even Levi’s Stadium. 

Besides their dreamy, creamy hummus, we can’t get enough of their smoky babaganoush and briny Israeli pickles. Pair with crispy falafels and fresh-baked pita and you’ll understand why the hype is so real. This is a hands-friendly meal, so rip, scoop, eat. Enjoy!


Sure, Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich became an overnight sensation. How could it not?! A fried chicken sandwich is probably the most perfect kind of sandwich. But believe us when we tell you, Popeye’s chicken sandwich ain’t got nothing on Starbird Chicken’s. A Starbird sandwich goes a little something like this…

Ultra crispy breading that’s not too thick (and never soggy) gives way to succulent, juicy, sustainably-sourced chicken. There’s a little vinegar-y, pickle-y action to cut through the richness. House-made sauces seal it all together. All this goodness is laid on top of a pillowy house-baked bun. The best part? You can get it in your Silicon Valley catering package.


Long days and grueling projects are all worth when you can celebrate your hard work with the people who helped you make it all possible. Enter: Jen’s Cakes. Jen found her passion for baking after she decorated her first cake for her sister’s birthday. Celebrating anything, big or small, is Jen’s Cakes’ life force and we can’t wait to see the smile on your face when you receive her delectable sweets! 

Jen’s Cakes offers anything and everything under the sun. Choose a platter of chocolate chip, peanut butter, and funfetti cookies as an end-of quarter thank you to the team. Or cakey whoopie pies and blondies for a retro-themed dress-up day (you know that’s going to be a good time!). We’re helping you celebrate the good times with your Silicon Valley catering!

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley’s got a wealth of tasty food options – and we barely scratched the surface with these picks! To see more of what we’re offering in your Silicon Valley catering, head to our website where you’ll also find out how we’re automating and optimizing your meal time. Or, read more about what makes us nacho average office catering. Now excuse us while we dig into a big plate of tacos.