We’re thrilled to announce our first eBook, The Benefits of an Office Catering Program, is now available for download! You can click the button below to download, but we thought we’d preview a few of the things you can expect to see when you open it!

So what are the benefits of an office catering program?

The eBook takes about 18 pages to answer this question, so there’s a whole heck of a lot there (check it out!). Long story short… office catering matters because it creates community in your office. And true community-building exercises (not one-offs, and not opportunities for small-talk), create healthy office culture, which is crucial in this day and age. 


Workplace loneliness has never been higher. Employees are more likely to be disconnected from the projects they’re working on and the companies they’re working for. This, in turn, leads to a lack of motivation, creativity, and trust in their company. In fact, 46% of Americans reported “sometimes or always feeling alone.” Worse, only 53% said they felt like they had “meaningful in-person social interactions” on a daily basis. 

Employees are pushing back – this isn’t what they want, and they’re willing to leave their jobs to prove it, or stay at a job if they’re getting the community they need, even if the pay is lower.

Office catering creates workplace connection

When we encourage employees to connect over food, you’re facilitating meaningful, lasting connections. Better yet, these connections often happen across teams, which amplifies creativity in the workplace. Who knows what off-the-wall-brilliant ideas will sprout up when an Account Manager and Content Specialist put their heads together, all because they accidentally sat next to each other at the lunch table.

That’s why we recommend (and can work with you) that you set up your break room so the tables are as friendly and conversation-enabling as possible. Our secret sauce? Find the largest table you can, but make sure people can still talk to the person sitting across from them. That way, depending on how the conversations flow, every person has up to five others they can talk to!

All of this to say: Food → Culture → Retention