Chewse corporate lunch catering comes with a bundle of great features to make your life a breeze. With our lunch catering, you get access to a team of food professionals sourcing restaurants, building menus, and planning for your dietary restrictions. You unlock access to our team of stellar catering operations specialists and meal hosts, who will set-up, clean-up, and even donate your leftovers to local nonprofits. 

That isn’t to say that you don’t have agency over your lunch catering. Through your Chewse personal Dashboard, you can view, change, or schedule new meals, all with the click of a button. And, with our new Swaps & Add-Ons features, you can now also swap away dishes you don’t like or add-on your favorites. 

But, with all of these perks, you might be thinking: now what? 

So you’ve signed up for corporate lunch catering, now what? 

Chewse lunch catering is perfectly set up to take all of the work off of your plate. Our Slack and Google Calendar integrations notify you when your food is on the way. Then, when your meal host arrives, they’ll follow your instructions to set-up your meal the way you like it. Heck, we’ll even make sure to bring compostable plates and utensils if you don’t have any.

That’s what we’re bringing to the table (pun intended) – here’s how to make sure the experience is easy-as-pie:

The Delivery

When your Chewse delivery arrives, your catering operations specialist will be ready with your instructions about how to enter the building and where to deliver your meal. As hospitality experts, they’ll also set-up your meal to your specifications. To make the set-up experience as smooth as possible, make sure the meal area is cleared of all materials before they arrive. That way, they’ll be able to get to setting out your food without delay, and your team can get the tastiest meal possible.

If you have your own plates and utensils, put them where the catering operations specialist can find them. Or, ask your Account Manager about getting compostable plates and utensils delivered with your meal! 

The Set-Up

Once your food arrives, it’s time to get your meal ready to EAT! Your coworkers may be scattered around the office in meetings, chatting, or at their desks with headphones plugged in. How do you grab their attention?

In your Chewse dashboard, you can integrate Slack or Google Calendar to update your team on the catering for the week. See upcoming menus, check out dietary restrictions, and even get updated on delivery time. Make sure your team knows the delivery time so no one schedules a lunchtime meeting that might get in the way of the great food headed your way. 

Once your Chewse delivery is all set up, we recommend coming up with a fun, in-office way to let everyone know it’s time to chow. At Chewse, our Office Love Manager rings a triangle when the food is ready so we can all line up while the food is still HOT!

The Clean-Up

Once your office has finished enjoying your catered meal, you have two clean-up options, depending on your package. 

With Chewse delivery, clean-up is not included – but that doesn’t mean it’s hard! All Chewse catering comes in easy to save or discard containers. Want to throw your leftovers in the fridge for the crew to nom on later in the afternoon? Simply cover your trays again and you’re good to go! Want to clear the space? Our easily discarded and recyclable containers make it easy for you to compost your food and clean your area. We’ve written up more on food waste – check it out here.

If you have a Hosted meal, your Chewse Meal Host will handle the clean-up so you can enjoy with your team. However, let them know if you have any cleanup specifications. Should the meal tables be reset in a particular way? Do you prefer they use your cleaning materials instead of our own? Your Chewse Meal Host will work with you – so be prepared with your clean-up needs the first time they roll around.

Corporate Lunch Catering Tips & Tricks

We’ve covered the basics… but there’s a lot more that goes into a catering experience and an office community than delivery and clean-up! We know you, as the office superhero, are focused on making every experience as bright and exciting for your coworkers as possible. How can you do it?

Anthony Scott, the Chewse Office Love Manager, has a few tips & tricks he uses to make lunch catering at Chewse HQ the best it can possibly be. Check out a few of his tips, and try implementing them in your office!

ONE – Restaurant previews

Highlighting restaurant stories is a great way for your team to connect and prepare for the meal they’re about to enjoy. All of the 380+ restaurants across our 5 cities are locally-owned. While we love our fan favorites and heavy hitters, we also have hidden gems your office will fall in love with. 

One way to get your team excited for the meal is to send a short restaurant bio to the team. You might tell them about how Austin Daily Press went from late-night food trailer to a brick-and-mortar that serves breakfast delights. Or, delight your team with the story of Bini’s Kitchen in San Francisco – which grew from a commissary kitchen to producing 21,000 handmade momos per week!

TWO – Condiments

Most Chewse meals come with some sort of sauce or topping to make your meal extra special. If these sauces are a feature your team loves, you can also add more in your dashboard through Chewse Add-Ons. But as much as we love guac on basically everything, your restaurant might omit some classics.

Which is why we recommend keeping a stock of traditional condiments on-hand. Think: ketchup, mayo, and mustard, as well as spicier favorites like Siracha, cholula, and chili flakes. It’s a great (and easy!) way to make sure your team gets the meal experience they want.

THREE – Utensils

Your Chewse catering operations specialist will set your plates and utensils near the catering spread. But one way to make the experience as hassle-free as possible is to set additional utensils containers at all of the meal spots. 

Because let’s face it – we’ve all done that thing where we forget to grab a knife, then we have to interrupt the catering line to grab it. To reduce friction and increase ease-of-use, Anthony sets utensil containers at every food station or seating area. It’s a small change that goes a big way – especially because we don’t have to jump back in line before digging in.

FOUR – Food Restrictions

As food experts, we’re pros at handling your office’s dietary restrictions so everyone can have a seat at the table. Our proprietary catering platform will match your office’s dietary restrictions with menus in our system. But how can you make sure everyone has enough to eat?

Though every dish will have a tag with the dietary restrictions, Anthony finds it helpful to add an extra reminder that some dishes are reserved for the vegetarian and vegan diners in the office. He’s created a sign to remind coworkers to avoid grabbing food from those dishes unless everyone has already eaten. That way, even if they’re last in line, your vegetarian and vegan diners can enjoy the meal with everyone else. 

Interested? Download the sign here!

FIVE – Cleanliness

Catering can, by nature of being a large amount of food, become messy in your office. Do some coworkers forget to rinse their plates before putting them in the dishwasher? Do plates pile in up in the sink? 

The best way to nip these problems in the bud is to set the example for cleanliness in your office. At Chewse, Anthony says that he promptly puts any dishes he sees in the dishwasher. He says if people don’t see dishes in the sink, they’re less likely to put theirs there. It’s a great way to establish the level of cleanliness you expect to see in your office!

Catering + Community

In addition to being delicious, catering is a service employees want. That’s because cateringsince builds community and establishes a healthy workplace culture (want to learn more? Read our eBook!). But if this is your first catering experience, we’re here to help you build out procedures and boost culture in your office!

Family-style is the best style

The best way to create community in your office is to make sure your lunchroom is set up for family-style eating. Most Chewse meals are set up as family-style for a reason – eating the same food is actually proven to make people feel closer to one another. 

Similarly, family-style eating encourages community. Why? Because it encourages the office to sit next to anyone – instead of siloing themselves away with their team. When you have a family-style setup, you might have a Sales rep sitting next to an Engineer, who’s sitting beside an Account Manager. These employees – who might not ever get to know each other – will have a chance to connect, all because of the way the lunch table is set up. 

To encourage family-style eating, Chewse Office Love Manager Anthony Scott recommends modeling the behavior. He says he always tries to sit with someone new. Anthony even goes so far as to sit at different parts of our communal table, since some employees have their favorite spots. By moving around, he’s able to make everyone feel welcome, and bring the office closer together. 

Did someone say icebreakers? 

No, we’re not talking about “how’s the weather today?” small talk. Community-building icebreakers provide non-work topics, so coworkers can get to know each other. After all, even with family-style seating, coworkers may fall to talking about their work. While there’s nothing wrong with shop talk at the lunch table, the key to true authentic connection is connecting on a personal level. Fun, non-standard icebreakers provide a conversation topic that might take coworkers into their preferences or hobbies, which opens the door for true connection. 

At Chewse, Anthony displays an icebreaker question every Friday. Because it’s a weekly (instead of daily) thing, everyone knows they’re there – but it also doesn’t get tiring. Our personal favorite? What’s one household chore you secretly like? 

For an icebreaker starter pack, check out our Chewse set below!

When in doubt, make it challenging

If icebreakers aren’t working for your office, you could also try going a little further and creating lunchtime challenges. These don’t have to be challenging, but they are a great way to get people outside of their comfort zones! Challenges can range from “sit next to someone with the same shirt as you” or “try to find someone born in the same month as you.” This way, you’re encouraging coworkers to look outside their team and creating great moments of spontaneous conversation.

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Lunch catering doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, we’ll handle the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to sweat! But, with a few nudges and pushes in the right direction, you can transform your office lunch service into a vibrant office culture. 

Good luck, and happy eating.