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The office culture playbook as we know it is changing, drastically. Gen X’ers and Millennial workers spend more time in the office.  They care about working for purpose-driven companies. Changing your company culture is not an overnight fix, but it’s not impossible either. 

Employees want to feel connected to peers and their office environment, but often find it difficult. In reality, there is an epidemic of loneliness among young workers. People feel less connected to their work and company goals. Additionally, on top of feeling distrustful that their output is valuable, isolation is the norm. Worse still, talented workers then flee to offices with similar values and priorities – a costly problem to have.

What can companies do to restore faith in their workforce and retain talented employees? Tracy Lawrence, CEO of Chewse, gives Thrive Global her strategy on how companies can build a sense of belonging at work.   

“Creating the culture of belonging that will retain these valuable employees means taking deliberate action, starting with a few simple practices.

Leadership and courage go hand in hand, so managers must demonstrate that it’s OK to be vulnerable in the workplace if they want employees to take risks that might help a company grow. 

Naming and claiming my feelings in the workplace demonstrated trust, and it has given everyone else space to share their own personal challenges in a healthy way. Modeling that making connection is safe allows everyone to belong to a strong community.”

The courage to be vulnerable and dedicating time together to share a catered meal can send a company from good to great. Read Tracy’s full article here.