Welcome to TL;DR (Tracy’s Latest Discussion Recap), our series keeping you up to date on thought leadership from Tracy Lawrence, CEO and Co-Founder of Chewse.

Workplaces are no longer empty offices you clock in to, work emotionlessly at, and then clock out of. Rather, the modern workplace is changing to reflect the look and feel of a company’s culture. The “look” changes are easy to peg – take Google’s famously multicolored bikes, for example. But these surface-level changes often have deeper driving factors. In the case of the Google bikes, for instance, they’re not just eye-catching and fun to look at. The bikes are actually a visual representation of Google’s commitment to helping employees get around.

The fact that the free Google bikes serve a culture-driven purpose is critical. Creating company culture isn’t just about re-branding empty offices “for the ‘gram.” Rather, it’s about creating an environment where employees can authentically connect with one another.

Perks like free bikes or even office catering go a long way into creating a healthy, happy, wholesome company culture. But company culture relies on empathy – for ourselves and for each other. In a recent article on Women Entrepreneur, our CEO, Tracy Lawerence, opened up about her experience with empathy in the workplace. According to Tracy – 

“Once we enter the workforce, empathy is typecast as a “soft skill,” implying that it’s warm, fuzzy, weak and unhelpful. Yet just like negotiation, financial forecasting or programming, the ability to relate to others and put oneself in their shoes is a skill set developed through study and practice.”

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