Welcome to TL;DR (Tracy’s Latest Discussion Recap). We’re keeping you up to date on thought leadership from Tracy Lawrence, CEO & Co-Founder of Chewse. Today’s topic: why women in business need female leaders, and how to work with a female mentor to make the most of the opportunity.

Having a role model is an incredible way to achieve your fullest potential and grow to your best ability. A role model can help you open up, bring out the best in you, and make you see things in ways you might not have perceived the first time around. Good role models go beyond even that – they challenge you in the best ways possible. 

While role models come in all shapes and sizes, female role models, in particular, can really make a difference for rising women in business.

Being You

Women in business have their own superpowers and strengths. Chewse Founder and CEO, Tracy Lawrence, has talked at length about how female leaders can (and should!) embrace their feminine strengths. But how can you identify and lean into your feminine strengths if your role models don’t model the same behavior?

Finding a female role model can help women in business see how they want to act in their workplace. These role models unconsciously present a feasible “path,” which encourages mentees to dream bigger, challenge themselves, and push the bar as high as they can. As Tracy discusses in her latest article: 

“As a recent study found, 89% of women set more ambitious life goals in the presence of women they admire than when they contemplated their goals alone.”

That’s because it’s easier to connect to someone you see as “like you.” Then, once that authentic connection is made, growth is a natural next step. Someone “like you” also doesn’t have motivations you can’t understand. In her article, Tracy tells the story of a woman she recently mentored. This female founder complained that an investor had chosen not to invest in her company because he was sexist. Once Tracy sat down with the female founder, she learned the investor has passed because the company’s vision wasn’t big enough. As Tracy writes:

“When I gave her the same feedback that the male investor had, she was willing to listen to me and work to improve because she didn’t suspect ulterior motives at play.”

Love & Excellence

Female role models can also inspire women in business in ways they might not even know they needed. Oftentimes, the business world (especially the tech sphere, which Chewse is in as an online office catering platform) expects leaders that grow at all costs and execute despite the odds. While strong leaders are able to perform at the highest level, doing so isn’t necessarily counter to being empathetic. 

Chewse is a Love and Excellence Company. Love says that we care about our people and our coworkers. But, because we care about them, we hold them to their highest potential, which is Excellence. And you can’t hold someone to their highest potential without caring about them – which ties it back to love. Love and Excellence go hand-in-hand.

Much of the inspiration and ability to declare that Chewse was a Love and Excellence company came from female role models. Tracy writes: 

When I was in college, I did an internship with LA’s Restaurant Week program. My boss was an incredible role model. She was warm, caring, and tough, and she executed. I got to see all of that in the same person, someone who was like me.”

By seeing how someone – a woman she connected and admired – was able to blend love and excellence, Tracy had a basis for the company she wanted to build. 

So, female leaders, we encourage you to find a female role model (or two 😉). Not sure how to get started? Read Tracy’s article on CareerBright to learn more!