The Chewse Experience

This hospitality guide is a living and breathing document that covers the ideology and values around how we treat each other inside the company, and how we treat every single person and customer that we connect with. We are not perfect, and neither is this document. It is still a work in progress, but as a transparent company, we believe in sharing what we are doing and what is working.

Many people from our different departments have contributed to this document and helped bring it together. A special thank you goes out to Elena Pinsky who has put in the lions share of work to do the research and put pen to paper in order to write this. We would love to hear your thoughts, and we encourage you to create your own hospitality guide. This is who we are.

The Chewse experience is:  Warm. Empathetic. Proactive. 

Bringing people together over food has been a foundational way for us to bond and build relationships since the beginning of time. It is deep inside all of us. We are all tribal at a fundamental level, and we all crave human connection. At Chewse, we believe that there is always a seat at our table. 

We provide a seamless meal experience.

With Chewse, you can expect to have a delicious meal, delivered and served expertly in a timely manner. We make it easy to nurture the connective nature of your workplace by catering family-style meals that bring people together. It’s that simple.

In order to deliver upon this promise with precision and care, we place emphasis on our core hospitality values. We hire employees with the potential to excel at living these values, we train everyone on them, and we practice them in our interactions with one another and with our clients and restaurant partners. At Chewse, we hope that our work here is a microcosm of how an interconnected world might look and feel.

Our Hospitality Values

1. We model inclusivity.

Diners of all diets, personalities, and backgrounds are invited to join us for lunch. One of our core values is authentic connection, and this reach extends to you. Lunch with us is as cozy as dinner on the couch at your best friend’s house. It’s as heart-warming as a potluck in the park with your favorite group of people.

2. We practice relationships.

At Chewse, relationships are not a means to an end – they are the whole point! We are delighted to be working with you and we want to know the whole you. You can trust us to be proactive and receptive to your needs – before you even know you have them! Looking for a partner in facilitating office culture? We are here for you. Simply in need of a reliable & easy lunch delivery?  We’ve got you covered.

3. We delight diners.

We provide a full-service catering experience while introducing you to exciting new dishes, so tasty & tantalizing that you’ll want to tell all your friends. Our team knows what you like and will surprise you with treats. You can count on us to be there to celebrate wins and special occasions with you. Trust us to add joy to the average Wednesday.

4. We commit to transparency.

There are no hidden fees for our service. You can always talk to a real person and we are responsive when you reach out. We are realistic about what we can provide and we will check in with you to see how things are going. Our team will always let you know if anything about your anticipated order changes. 

5. We always strive to improve.

If you pass along feedback to any Chewse employee, we will be sure to take it to heart and put it into action. We value fearless introspection & welcome your ideas on how we can provide you with a better service.