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Here at Chewse we make sure we would never feed your office something that we haven’t tried, loved and approved and then tried, loved and approved again. Testing every meal and vendor is one of our favorite perks, but we also take it very seriously.

So what happens before we on-board a new vendor? Our Restaurant Partnerships team launches a taste-testing experiment we call Bunsen (yes, like the Muppet). Bunsen means our entire office gets to try the restaurant’s food in order to gauge quality, quantity, dish preferences and dietary restrictions. And don’t think we’re an easy crowd to please: we have 2 vegans, about 5 vegetarians, a couple of paleo dabblers, and a mix of health-conscious and hearty eaters.

We want to ensure that for every meal we send out you are not only receiving the best local restaurants at your office, but also meals that have the Chewse seal of approval!

Every month we’ll share the new vendors we’ve partnered with, new menus we’ve tried from current vendors and what some of our personal favorites have been.

Meals we’ve tried in January:

Guerilla Catering

Guerilla Catering



Bini's Kitchen

Bini’s Kitchen

January Top Picks by Gerard Mealy, Growth Associate

Favorite out-of-the-box meal: Trilogi

Favorite healthy meal: Freshroll

Favorite cheat day: Doc’s of The Bay

Want to know how to get these meals delivered to your office? Shoot us an email at or check out some of our options here.

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