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Here’s a close look at what went down at Chewse HQ during the month of May:

New restaurants

May was a busy month for our Restaurant Partnerships Team. Here are 6 of the new restaurants that Chewse is happily working with.

Bon Marche: Bon Marche knows how to cook fresh and refined Parisian inspired dishes like no one else. Did someone say Coq au Vin and braised short ribs for lunch?

Black Bark BBQ: The team behind 1300 Fillmore opened Black Bark BBQ at the beginning of the year with the idea of bringing back great BBQ to the Fillmore Jazz District. We’re particularly excited for you to try their classic pulled pork and mac n’ cheese.

New restaurant in May - Black Bark BBQ's pulled pork & mac n' cheese

Mateo’s Taqueria: Your Taco Tuesday experience has just been elevated exponentially thanks to Mateo’s Taqueria. We’re pretty sure your entire office will be raving about these tacos.

Dosa: South Indian food with Californian inspiration. If you think of Indian food as being a little heavy for lunch, Dosa will change your mind in a heartbeat.


Corridor Cafe: From the restaurant group that brought you Trestle, Fat Angel and Stones Throw, here’s Corridor Cafe, a delicious, fresh and thoughtful approach to sandwiches and salads. Their promise? No soggy sandwiches, ever.


Delicioso Creperie: Gabriela Guerrero, owner of Delicioso Creperie, is on a mission to provide SF with worldwide flavors to satisfy every crepe-lover’s dreams. From traditional French to latin inspired crepes, and from sweet to savory, Delicioso makes it so you’ll never have to choose breakfast over lunch.

Highlights from May:

We hired two new Chewselings last month: Theresa, who’s on the Meal Specialist team making sure our clients are well fed and well taken care of, and Katy Sue as an Ops Support Manager. Welcome to the family!

Top April Picks by James Pulec, Engineer 

Favorite out-of-the-box meal: Amawele’s South African Kitchen

Favorite healthy meal: Mission Picnic

Favorite cheat day: The Slider Shack

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