In Chewse Updates

Some cool stuff happened in March and some tasty food is coming your way!

New restaurants

Grindz – Hawaiian homestyle cooking using local and sustainable ingredients is exactly what Chef Bradley Lum aimed to do when opening Grindz in SF in 2012, and it’s safe to say he’s succeeded. While it’s easy to get a group excited about a Hawaiian meal, Grindz shines thanks to its colorful and well-balanced Chewse approved menu.

Our favorite items so far are the BBQ chicken, the Japchae, and the mac salad. Fear not, they also have great vegan options, like the green curry tofu, which was a hit even among our meat eaters. Aloha Grindz! Welcome to the Chewse family.

Hawaiian Meal from Grindz

Meal Highlights In March

The Chairman, twice! – Obviously the Chairman food truck is at the top of almost every food lover’s list in SF. We can’t get enough of these baos. So much that we actually had them TWICE in March. Aside from the traditional steamed baos we also got to try their rice bowls, which adds variety to the Chairman experience while still packing the same flavor. Holler if you want these bad boys for your next meal!

Bao trio

Yuubi Japanese – Yuubi SF has been one of our long-time partners and although their traditional sushi platters are an office favorite, we were excited to try a new variation of menu items that appeal to non-sushi lovers as well. Introducing the Yuubi bento box! The bento meal includes a variety of sushi, a beautiful simple green salad, rice and teriyaki chicken (gluten-free!), salmon or tofu. Filling and delicious.

Yuubi Bento Meal

Top March Picks by Caitlin Rowles, Office Love Manager 

Favorite out-of-the-box meal: Vive La Tarte’s vegan pizza. It’s hard to make a vegan pizza taste delicious, and Vive La Tarte had me eating to capacity.

Favorite healthy meal: Fresh Roll! Always! Rice noodles, peanut sauce, and heaven.

Favorite cheat day: The Chairman. There’s nothing better than a good bao.

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