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Downloading receipts

  1. Log into your Dashboard / Meal Calendar:
  2. Navigate your mouse to the top right menu, under your login name.
  3. Select Preferences
  4. On the preferences page, on the left side, click on Payments & Receipts

Then you’ll see the download link next to each invoice. Click below to see a video of these actions.

Updating your payment information

Updating your credit card information is simple. Click your name on the upper right hand side of the page and select “Preferences”.  On the left, click “Payment” and follow the instructions to add a new credit card.

If you’d like to change your billing structure from credit card to invoicing or vice versa, please email and we will reach out with next steps.

Credit card changes

Your credit card will be charged at 10:00 AM on the day after you received the order.

House Account invoicing

We can bill on a Net 15 cadence.

Order pricing

You can access the receipts for your past orders in your Meal Calendar by clicking your name in the top right, then Preferences, then Payment & Receipts.

The price of your order will always be your Price Per Person multiplied by your guest count. For example, if your Price Per Person is $16, and your guest count is 50, the total cost of your order will be $16 x 50 people = $800. This price is inclusive of tax and delivery fees. There will never be added, hidden costs.

Prices and Packages vary based on guest count, meal composition, portions and culture-building add ons. If you’d like to learn more about Chewse’s Packages, please reach out to


No hidden fees here! All taxes and delivery fees are included in your per person budget on your bill.

Single order credit card payment

Yes! Our credit card payments settle the day after your meal occurs at 10:00 AM, so you can update your credit card information before that time by using the below process:

  1. Log into to your dashboard
  2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner > click “Preferences” > click “Payments & Receipts”.
  3. Update your payment method with the new card information.
  4. Be sure to change your payment method back to the original credit card using the same process if you would like future meals to be processed on the original credit card.

Please note, if you wish to always pay with separate cards for different meal periods (i.e. you get lunch every Tuesday and Thursday, and need to pay with different cards), contact your AE about setting up two different accounts so we can accommodate automatically.