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Managing My Account

Viewing meals in advance

We want you to feel good about your meal planning so we make sure that orders will be ready to view on your Meal Calendar two weeks to one month in advance of the order’s date.

Tracking your delivery

Track your order by clicking into the order on the Meal Calendar on the day of your order. Once the delivery has begun, you will see a map on the right hand side that shows exactly where your order is located. Note that if you log on before the delivery has begun, you must refresh the page for the map to populate.

Downloading meal labels or menus

Don’t bother, labels and menu boards will be delivered with every order. However, if you’d like to download your own, you can do so by clicking into the order on your Meal Calendar, selecting the three dots on the bottom of the page, and clicking “Download Labels” in the pop up. The last page of the labels sheet is a menu.

Sharing feedback

Great, we appreciate any feedback you can provide us as it’s important to us that your experience is nothing short of excellent every time.

After each meal you’ll receive an email that will include a link for you to leave feedback about your meal experience. Additionally, once a meal has passed, you can click into it on your Meal Calendar and leave feedback on the left hand side underneath the name of the restaurant by selecting the number of stars you’d like to leave. If there was an issue with your meal that you haven’t already informed us of, please include it in the feedback form and someone will be in touch shortly.

Viewing portions for each dish

We do not currently display the portions of each dish that are coming with your order on our website. However, rest assured that we are ordering the meal composition from your Package for your full guest count unless previously discussed with you. Additionally, our Restaurant Partnerships Team builds menus with our restaurant partners that provide consistent portions across menus.

Viewing vegetarian, vegan, or allergen containing items

Chewse labels will note all vegan or vegetarian dishes, as well as the following common FDA allergens that may be present: gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, shellfish. Additionally, this information will be surfaced on labels that will be set up with your meal.

To view in your Dashboard: After clicking into an order to see the details, you will see dishes listed along the right hand side of the page with V, V+ and GF symbols beside them to indicate whether an item is vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free, respectively. Allergens will be listed below the description of the item in gray text starting with “Contains…”

As with any restaurant-prepared meal, cross contamination is possible. If this is a concern for your team, please chat directly with us about it.

You can update your team’s dietary restriction information anytime by contacting the Help Desk at

Problems with your order

Our team is always available to help! The Customer Success Team is on call for any urgent questions you have about your order. They can give you live updates about the status of your order or, if there’s a problem with your order, how we’re working to fix it. You can reach the Customer Success Team at 888-506-6062 or

Preview order details

What, you don’t trust us?! Kidding, you can preview all of your ordered meals at any time through our dashboard! On your Meal Calendar, click the name or photo of the order you’d like to preview and it will take you to the Meal Details page.

Accessing past orders

We know it’s hard to let go of the past, so you can access past orders on your Meal Calendar by clicking the arrows on the upper left hand side of the page under “Chewse Meal Calendar.”

Sharing order details with your team

Sharing is caring so our platform has Slack and calendar integration to keep your team up to date on upcoming meals. To integrate your calendars or Slack with your Chewse Meal Calendar, simply click your name on the upper right hand side of the page and select “Preferences”.  On the left, click “Notifications” and scroll down to “Integrations” where you’ll find instructions to setup calendar and Slack integrations. Keep in mind that Slack integrations must be completed by your team’s Slack administrator.

No desire to integrate, no problem. You can just click the three dots on the order on your Meal Calendar and choose the “Copy URL” option. This will copy the URL to your clipboard allowing you to then share it with your team.

Cutlery, plates, napkins, and serving utensils

We love our customers and the environment, so we’re happy to provide compostable place settings and recyclable serving utensils at no additional cost. If you’d like to add either to your meals, please email and we will update your account.