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Restaurant Partners

Our restaurant partners

Your team deserves the best, so we partner with local restaurants that represent the authentic, flavorful, and diverse cuisines each of our cities has to offer. We believe that our partners have some of the tastiest food around, and we help showcase their talents by working closely with them to build menus that reflect each of their unique offerings. From mom ‘n pop shops to James Beard Award-winning restaurants, the Chewse family of partners represents the best of the best.

How Chewse selects restaurants

If it doesn’t taste good, why eat it? When selecting restaurant partners and building menus with them, our primary objective is great tasting food. Chewse partners and menus share three main values: balance, purpose, and honesty.

  • Balance: Nourishment for all
  • Purpose: Made with love
  • Honesty: Real food tastes better

Salad or sandwich bars

Meal bars are a must! We offer many types of bars including sandwich, salad, taco, churro and milkshake bars. Please reach out to your Account Executive or to learn more.