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2016 is officially over. Welcome, 2017!

With new Chewselings, new menus and restaurants, and new ideas flowing through Chewse, we are ready to pack a punch going into 2017. Here’s a quick recap on what happened in our last month of 2016.

Driver and Meal Host appreciation party:

At Chewse, we pride ourselves in providing an end to end service, which includes an excellent fleet of drivers and meal hosts to ensure your Chewse meal gets delivered and set up just to your office’s liking. As a small token of our appreciation, we celebrated our drivers and meal hosts in a big way in December, with our first ever holiday themed appreciation party. Overall, it was a big success with a side of cheese and wine! For more information about becoming a driver or attendant for Chewse, look no further.

AdHoc meal requests:

We get it, sometimes you’re not quite ready to start a regular meal program right off the bat. So we’ve launched an adhoc tool to help you order one off meals and experience Chewse for your office. You can order from a list of amazing restaurants with specially customized menus that can accommodate your schedule. Your meal specialist will take care of the rest.

New restaurants:

With over 100 restaurants working with Chewse, our Restaurant Partnerships Team is extremely excited about the variety and quality we can offer our customers. That said, their work never ends, and they brought on Simmer Soup Company during the month of December, an organic soup and broth restaurant perfect for this cold and rainy winter.

Simmer Soup Company is our newest vendor partner brought on in December

New Chewselings:

Our family keeps growing. Our newest team member is Brittany! Brittany was our very first meal host. Now, she has taken all her skills and learnings from that role to become our People Operations Associate! We currently have a couple of open positions. If you’re interested check ’em out.

As we look back on 2016, we couldn’t be happier with the amazing partnerships and clients we’ve added to the Chewse family.  To continue our success, we will keep pushing to serve our clients with love and care. Who knows, we might soon be strolling down a city near you!

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