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There’s nothing more satisfying than gathering for a hearty Chewse meal, particularly mid-day when your inbox is finally (somewhat) tamed, meeting schedules are cleared, and you’re ready to power through the rest of the workday. As the aroma and sight of delicious fare hits your senses, it’s all too easy to grab a plate and pile it high, leaving you perhaps a bit too satisfied after all is said and done. Trust us – with abundant opportunity to sample amazing restaurants and unique cuisines, we’ve been there often ourselves.

As a Chewse Meal Specialist, it’s my job to send your office food that will satisfy. Given that we serve up family-style meals, however, there may be times when not everyone can eat exactly what they want and how they want, and I’m here to provide tips to my fellow health-conscious foodies who want to enjoy it all…while still exercising some form of moderation.

Turn Your Meal Into A Salad

The majority of Chewse meals feature a salad, delicious sides, and a protein heavy option, including vegan and vegetarian options. Instead of grabbing tortillas, rice, pasta or other dense carbs as the base of your meal, fill your plate with greens and build from there. Once you top your salad with proteins, side veggies, and dressing or sauce, you’ll have a healthier meal that still packs in a ton of flavor.

Healthy meal from Mission Picnic

Mission Picnic Chewse Meal

Keep It Simple

It’s easy to take a relatively healthy lunch… and turn it into full blown meal when you pile on the nuts, cheese, dressings, creamy sauces and fried goodness. There’s a time and a place for such delicacies, but when you’re looking to avoid a full on food coma, this may be the time to simplify your meal. Remember that a little goes a long way! A couple of tablespoons of dressing or buttery sauce will surely satisfy.

Mind Your Portions

When the smell of delicious food pervades your office space, particularly after a long morning where you may have skipped breakfast in favor of coffee and meetings, it’s easy to overdo it when lunchtime rolls around. Portion control, especially when the buffet seems endless and limitless, is key for keeping things light and healthy, and helps you to not feel like you’re missing out on the good stuff. Enjoy all the greens and veggies, and think about taking about two palm-sized servings of protein (4-6 ounces). If you can’t resist mac and cheese or tater tots, enjoy a couple of bites and enjoy more other, healthier options.

Healthy meal from Corridor Cafe

Corridor Cafe Chewse Meal

Request Healthy Favorites

There’s some incredibly healthy and satisfying options in the Chewse restaurant list – and what better way to guarantee a light lunch or dinner than personally requesting a meal from the ranks of Farm Hill, Freshroll, Creative Ideas Catering or Mission Picnic? Simply ask your meal specialist for something wholesome and clean (or add a meal using the button on your meal calendar) and we’ll serve up something that fits the bill. Think kale with tahini walnut sauce or beet and arugula salad or roasted kombucha squash. Who says healthy has to be boring?

Healthy meal from Farm Hill

Farm Hill Chewse Meal

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