Diverse and High Quality Office Meals

A great workspace means you should eat great.

Easy ordering from the best restaurants, catered to your team’s tastes. We worry about the food, so you can worry about your team. On time, every time, with end-to-end service

One Time Meal

Customized restaurant meals, personally chosen for all your event and special occasion needs.

Monthly Meal Plan

A great way to conveniently feed your office while meeting everyone’s food preferences.


What does your office get?

  • Dedicated Chewse Team Member: Every step of the way, from your first meal to your one-millionth meal, our team of specialists are here to build real relationships with you.
  • Diverse and Quality Food: Custom designed food menus tailored to your taste and diet needs from over 100 of the top local restaurants.
  • Online Meal and Delivery Management: We worry about the food, so you can worry about your team. On time, every time, with end-to-end service.
  • Family-Style: We support the value of real human connection, by bringing people together over great food, served up like Thanksgiving Day.

Join our satisfied community

  • Chewse is an incredible service and they make it so easy to get food for our office! Highly highly recommend.

    Justin Mitchel
  • You can tell that Chewse cares very much about their clients AND employees. Excellent!

    November Alexis
  • Chewse helps us grow our business without the hassle of delivery. They are our preferred partner with the strongest brand, team, and operations.

    Arunaud Goethals, CEO of Vive La Tart
  • Efficient, delicious and reliable - Chewse is a high-value solution for planning meals and setting up recurring ones.

    Elizabeth A., Executive Assistant at Salesforce.com
  • Thank you for helping us achieve success in all areas, you definitely take the lead in Customer Care and helping us maintain an outstanding reputation. Your service is very much appreciated and I am looking forward to a very successful 2018 and for many more years to come with our partnership!

    Paul Wahba, Owner Rutts Hawaiian Café
  • Just as I suspected, our CEO turned out to be the office’s biggest fan of Chewse! The food quality exceeded his expectations — I even told him, this is normal food and normal service for Chewse, it’s not like you were going overboard to impress us or anything!

    Cassandra Johnson, Chief of Staff at Indio Technologies
  • We’ve been approached by other services, but they had too many hoops to jump through and made it feel like we would be lucky to work with them; Chewse has been so easy to work with and down to earth, we appreciate it.

    Eric Ong, Restaurant Owner of Humble Potato

How it works?


Step 1

Through an effortless onboarding experience, we learn the taste and diet preferences of your entire team, matching the perfect assortment of restaurant partners.

Step 2

Choose your first meal from top local restaurants with multiple options for entrees and sides. All Meals come family style.

Step 3

After you create your first meal, we carefully curate the rest.

Step 4

Sit back, enjoy, and focus on what you do best, while we handle the rest. On time delivery, with end-to-end service.

Currently Serving Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland.