How Chewse Works

Say hello to hassle-free, locally-sourced, delicious food, delivered straight to your door. At Chewse, our team of food experts is with you every step of the way.

From your office’s unique Taste Profile to each stellar restaurant, we delivery hospitality and community with every catering experience.

Learn more about the Chewse process below, or sign up to see it in person!

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What to expect from a Chewse meal

Everyone has a seat at the table
Delivery is a breeze
Dietary restrictions, handled

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We’ll grab your office’s info and preferences to make your life easier during the catering delivery!

Chewse Taste Profile

The Chewse Taste Profile captures your office’s food allergies, preferences, and favorite cuisines.

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Get a sense of how much your office will love Chewse before you sign.

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We delivery quality, locally-sourced meals to your office whenever you’d like.

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Catering delivered with just one click! Order, change, or cancel on your custom dashboard.

Ready when you are

No matter when you’re feeding your office, Chewse office catering is ready to go! Start the day off right with some great breakfast, or celebrate a week well done with happy hour. Looking for something more consistent? Chewse office lunch offers a variety of tasty options your team will love.

Even on your busiest days, there’s something powerful (and important) about getting the team together for a meal. Suddenly that difference of opinion over those Q2 sales forecasts doesn’t seem so important, and you remember that you’re all on the same team.

So jump start your day with breakfast! Whether you’re looking for an easy bagel bar or dreaming of an executive brunch to sweep your investors off their feet – Chewse office catering has something for your office.

Top: Wise Sons (San Francisco), Doma (Los Angeles)

Bottom: The Funkadelic Brunch (Austin), Claremont Diner (Chicago)

Chewse was founded around the idea that no one should eat lunch alone. Especially in the workplace. Getting everyone away from their desk, headphones off, goes a long way toward building an active, open office culture.

When it comes to lunch, we wouldn’t dream of keeping a hungry team waiting. Your host delivers your meal on-time and does all the set-up. That way, you’re free to relax and enjoy time with the team!

Top: The Oxford Kitchen & London Gastropub (Silicon Valley), Bamboo Asia (San Francisco)

Bottom: Fundamental (Los Angeles), MezzeMe (Austin)

Sitting down and breaking bread with the team is a great way to take good care of your internal work community – especially after a long week! With office catering, you can make any day a good one by ending with dinner before saying “see you tomorrow” to the team around you.

So take the time to (re)connect, and let us take care of delivery, set-up, and clean-up. Spend your valuable time on what matters: the teammates gathered around the table.

Top: Baby Blues BBQ (Los Angeles), Biryani & Co (Austin)

Bottom: Asian Box (San Francisco, Silicon Valley, & Los Angeles), Sheffield’s Wine & Beer Garden (Chicago)

Treat yourself to some delicious office catering. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a promotion, or ordering a cake “just because” – we’re here to serve! Tell us what you like to eat, and the Chewse automated platform will take care of the rest.

Gather your office, pick up your spoons, and get ready to dig in to some sweet treats!

Top: Edis Chocolates (Austin), Le Boulanger (Silicon Valley)

Bottom: Sweet Rose Creamery (Los Angeles),  Boba Guys (San Francisco)

There’s no better way to end the week (or a Tuesday) than with Chewse office catering for happy hour! You bring the wine, we’ll bring the delicious (and varied) treats. Cater your favorite finger food – whether that’s bao buns or burgers, and enjoy the afternoon with your team.

We’re all a part of something bigger. The way we interact with our coworkers is important, as is the way we interact with the world around us; one feeds into the other. At Chewse, a dedication to community is a direct line through everything we do.

Top: Alicia’s Tamales (San Francisco), Truxton’s American Bistro (Los Angeles)

Bottom: Lotus Chinese (Austin),  Trattoria da Vittorio (San Francisco)

Why office catering?

Why? Because you have enough on your plate – the only thing we’ll add is delicious food!

With Chewse, you’ll get meals from hand-picked local restaurants, delivered automatically in a way that fits with your office’s busy schedule. We’ll handle delivery and keep you informed every step of the way.

Set-up and clean-up? We’ve got that covered, too.

Try Chewse

Benefits for your team

Food is an integral part of workplace community – through food, you can develop an authentic connection with your coworkers. That’s why Chewse office catering focuses on family-style meals that encourage dialogue.

We’re helping to create a workplace where team members feel heard and acknowledged. That type of environment, in turn, allow employees to feel fulfilled and do their best work.

Benefits for your office

Think: point-to-point communication designed around YOU. We’ll let you know when your Meal Host is on the way, when the food has arrived, and when it’s time to EAT!

In addition to customizing your team’s meals, you can also pick and choose exactly how you want your updates sent: via Slack, SMS, email, or all of the above. Get the whole office excited for the daily meal!

A day in the life of a Chewse meal

Sourced from local restaurants

We’re the food professionals, but not the professional chefs. Our local restaurant partners are the bedrock of our office catering service.

Pick-up handled for you

Our Catering Operations Specialists make sure your food is delivered on-time – and piping hot! They’ll coordinate with local restaurants and handle the whole delivery process.

Set-up taken care of

Once we arrive at your office, our food experts will set-up your meal. We can even provide utensils, serving utensils, or plates!

Everyone has a seat at the table

We believe that delicious, family-style catering brings your office together. That’s why our family-style meals are designed with your office in mind.

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We donate what you don’t want

Once everyone’s done eating, we can wrap up anything you don’t want to keep and redistribute your food to local nonprofits.

This year we will deliver 75,000 meals!

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