Los Angeles Corporate Event Catering

A corporate event is about bringing the people at your company together, whether you are looking to celebrate a milestone or hold an event for potential clients. In either case, it’s extremely important to make sure every little detail goes right for these types of events, and we help make that happen at Chewse. For us, it’s about the passion that brings your vision come to life. We’re not just a basic takeout service, working with you to create and customize everything for your event, from food to decor. Chewse ensures your event goes off without a hitch with office catering in Los Angeles that can be customized to fit the exact tastes and dietary preferences/need of your team. Let us work out all the details during the event so you can focus on what you do best. Chewse partners with the cream of the crop in terms of local restaurants across Los Angeles. We work to deliver and set-up family-style meals for your team or company for any and all events that you have. No matter the meal, we’ll deliver tasty food from top rated restaurants all across Los Angeles. We also can cover any type of meal that you need office catering for, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, happy hour, and dinner.

Planning on trying something new?

Chewse offers some of the following cuisines for Los Angeles, from our dozens of industry partners:

  • Japanese food
  • Mediterranean food
  • Chinese food
  • North African food
  • Indian food
  • Italian food
  • Traditional American food
  • Mexican food

Don’t see your favorite on this list? Check in with us, as we have plenty more to offer. As an added note, Chewse is also dedicated to bringing on skilled professionals at every step of your catering process. We are ahead of the industry in providing hourly wages and benefits to those at every step of the chain, from our drivers to our servers. Not only does this benefit them, but helps put together a better experience for you, our valued customers.

How Can Corporate Event Catering Help You?

Depending on your plans, you may be looking to do several things at once with your corporate event. At the surface, you may be looking to provide food, entertainment, and a good time to your employees and colleagues. At the same time, you are also are putting your best foot forward both to those within your company and those outside of it. When you are looking to make a good impression, things can get stressful, especially if you are shouldering the burden of planning things out as well. This is where Chewse comes in. With our servers and meal planners, we handle both the meal and the setup, so your focus can be on putting on the best event possible, whatever your goals are.