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As an Office Manager, you are the joy, the energy, and happiness that goes around the office. That doesn’t necessarily mean every day is a walk in the park for you. You encounter many challenges trying to make your office run efficiently, being the point person for office amenities and supplies, and coming up with ways to engage your office. With so much on your plate, it can get hard to stay organized. Thankfully, our lovely Office Love Manager, Jennisen, was kind enough to share her thoughts on how fellow OMs like herself can keep their head in the game!

What are some of the best resources/services that help keep your office organized?

Some of the best services and applications that help with my day-to-day are Instacart, Hivy, Bitium, Evernote, Eden, and so on. With a growing office (we went from 20 something full time employees to over 100 full time and part time employees in less than a year), more obstacles are coming your way. Asana is by far the most helpful tool I use. It provides me with a visual of where the majority of my workload is geared towards. As the point person at the office, I get many different requests from my fellow employees. Through Asana, the employees can easily send their request as a task for me for me to take care of. It helps me keep myself accountable and not forget anything.

Our team is constantly growing, what advice do you have for other OMs?

I’m in charge of on-boarding new employees to our team. That can take up over half of your work day, which can get in the way of some of my other tasks and duties. I highly recommend onboarding as many new employees as you can in one setting. Doing this will help you be more efficient with your time and other obligations.

Since Chewse is launching into a new city, how will you translate the same culture we have in HQ to our satellite offices?

Face time as much as possible! It’s important for both offices to be able to virtually see each other through visual engagement. Like any format, the more you see/hear, the more engaged you will. I recommend using live-video conference calls, real-time chat messaging, and investing in trips to your HQ for your satellite office employees (or vice versa).

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How do you keep the office engaged and morale up?

Most people spend 8-12 hours a day at work. Working long hours can be tiring and stressful. I try to find different and creative ways to give our team some treats and stress-free activities to enjoy. I remember one particular Friday, I put together a mix and match smoothie bar for our team. It was quite the success! (You can order one for your office through Chewse).

I also send weekly Office Love updates, including fun facts, company-wide news, information on the newest employees to join our team and any activities we have planned for the week.


Do you have any other thoughts or recommendations for your fellow Office Managers?

Stay efficient! I also recommend doing fun things for your office such as stocking up on tasty snacks (and hiding them) or baking delicious treats! One thing that works well for our office is a jelly bean box. It was a totally random, yet colorful, fun way to get the team engaged and see which flavor everyone prefers!

At the end of the day, stay creative and be open-minded. There’s no harm in trying new things.


Special shoutout to our lovely Office Love Manager, Jennisen, for always taking care of the Chewse team when the going gets tough! Have some great ideas yourself? Don’t be shy, shoot us an email to about your thoughts!

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