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Working in San Francisco, arguably the tech hub of the universe, has some serious perks. If there’s one thing that being an Office Manager has taught me, it’s that technology makes everything better. Period.

With a to-do list that’s always growing, any way I can save time or energy is an absolute must. These apps and websites are a staple in my day-to-day, and as dramatic as it may sound I don’t want to imagine a world without them.

1. Washio

From clean hand towels, to dish rags, to aprons, there are few feelings as nice as clean laundry. With a million-and-one other tasks to keep the office running, having our dirty laundry picked up, washed, and returned is like a big, clean hug.

2. Instacart

With 20+ distinct personalities and even more refined palates, this office’s snack needs are always changing. (Trail mix, avocados, and cheese are hot items right now.) With Instacart, I can order different snacks, produce, and even band-aids to be delivered that day. Happy Bellies = Happy Start Ups.

3. Move Loot

Furnishing a new office space on a budget is no easy feat, especially when your chair needs evolve with your company. We’ve got a scrappy heart, and MoveLoot’s used furniture in great condition is the best solution. Plus, I don’t have to build any chairs. Serious win.

4. Bitium

I’ll go ahead and say it: keeping your online accounts secure AND remembering all your passwords is impossible. Bitium lets me log in to any of my online apps in one place, and grant my coworkers access too. My brain thanks you, Bitium.

5. Food Runners

As a food company we get lunch delivered pretty much every day of the week. But with guest visitors, WFH-ing and picky eaters, sometimes its hard to gauge how many people will be in the office or how much they’ll eat, which means leftovers happen more often than not. When they do, Food Runners is my go-to. They pick up our leftovers and drop them off at a nearby shelter. Plus, they’re a delight to work with.

6. And last but not least… Doughbies

I dare you to name a better afternoon pick-me-up than freshly baked, still-warm-from-the-oven, gooey chocolate chip cookies. Doughbies makes office delight easy. Plus, I think that cookies delivered to my door may be my version of heaven.

…and if you’re using any other amazing apps, tell me about it!

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