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Did you know Administrative Professionals Week is this week (April 24th – April 30th)?!

Admin professionals work extremely hard to make offices run smoothly. From creating and up-keeping the office culture, to juggling numerous requests and opinions (and many, many complaints), office admins have one of the hardest jobs and they often do it with a smile on their face.

Looking for fun ways to reward and say thank you to your office admin? Don’t worry, we’ve thought about them too.

1) Dinner For Two On You: (Yes, the rhyme was intended). Everyone deserves a night out, on the house. Show your admin you care with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or one they’ve been dying to try out. Not sure what your admin would love? Open Table has gift certificates that’ll let them choose where they’d like to dine out.


2) An Extra Paid Day Off: Office admins are always on high alert, solving crazy problems and ensuring their offices stays organized. Needless to say, it’s a stressful job and they rarely get the well deserved break they need. Surprise your admin with an additional paid day off and even go as far as scheduling it out for them. It’s one thing to promise a day off, but it’s another to ensure they actually take it.

3) A Custom Gift Basket Full Of Their Favs: You probably can’t fit a puppy or a kitten in one of these, but a basket with goodies will probably be the closest thing to getting one. Include something related to his or her favorite past time (movies, books, cognac, fitness…), their favorite candy, a stress ball and a hand written card. Whatever their favorites are, you can never go wrong with a basket full of goodies to show your appreciation.

Our Office Admin's Gift Basket!

4) Spa Day: A half or full day at the spa where your office admin doesn’t have to worry if the air conditioner is fixed, if your newest hire is in good hands or if the computer screen shipment arrived on time will probably feel like glory to them.

Do you have any other ideas to show your admin how much you care for them and the work they do?

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