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It’s Tuesday afternoon. Your team just closed a huge contract or reached your company’s critical number, so you decide you need to celebrate ASAP because #itsworthit. But your team isn’t that small anymore, you’re over 40 people. As the office manager you’re in charge of planning the whole thing and you definitely want to make sure it’s memorable.

Your mind starts racing: “What can I do from now until Friday to organize a legit team outing that everyone can get behind and will genuinely enjoy?”

We got your back! Here are some easy-to-whip-up ideas:

Giants game

– Why? If it’s baseball season, a Giants game is always a home run (hehe, bet you didn’t see that one coming). Beer, corndogs, and a view of the Bay from AT&T park at sundown is a killer combo.

– How? Get cheap $20-30 tickets ahead of time, coordinate transportation (Bart, cabs or walking), and have a meeting point in case someone gets lost.

Giant's game team outing

Wine tasting

– Why? Working in San Francisco has its perks: Napa and Sonoma are a short drive away.

– How? Rent a van/s and book a couple of wineries so you know the route you’ll be taking. If this is a weekday activity most of them are pretty quiet and you won’t have much trouble putting it all together. If it’s during the weekend it might a little more crowded, but there are still some options. We love Ram’s Gate, Gundlach Bundschu and Viansa.

Wine tasting team outing


– Why? No one is too good or too bad at bowling, so everyone can enjoy it.

– How? Reserve a few lanes or the entire place online (depending on the size of your party). Lucky Strike and Mission Bowling Club are your best options. If you choose Lucky Strike, be sure to check out the Giants schedule – it gets crowded on game days.

House of Air

– Why? you and your team will be bouncing on trampolines. That’s all you need to know.

– How? Visit their website and book one of their event packages. It’s affordable and guaranteed fun. It’s in Chrissy Field, so make sure you plan transportation arrangements as well.

Have you and your team had a memorable team outing? Tell us about it at, we’d love to hear!

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