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Celebrating company wins (both big and small), acknowledging employee accomplishments and treating your office to special days foster gratitude and unity among your team. But your to-do-list in Asana is probably overflowing as is, so here are some simple ideas on how to throw your very own Treat Yo Self Day at your office:

Breakfast Bar

Imagine coming into the office at 8am and being surprised with a breakfast bar, how cool is that? It’s a foolproof way to start the morning off right and get your team pumped. Need some ideas? Enlist a couple of volunteers and follow the below steps for a DIY smoothie and yogurt bar:

  • Order ahead (we love using Instacart) the day before and stock up on fresh fruit, juice and ingredients for a granola bar.
  • Get a couple of volunteers to bust out the Vitamix and create three or four different smoothie combos (one banana-free for your boss who hates the smell).
  • Lay out some granola, fruit and yogurt for an easy DIY yogurt bar (shout-out coconut yogurt for letting vegans enjoy breakfast too).

Smoothie Bar

Not into smoothies? Tell us what your team would love for breakfast and we’ll take care of the rest!

Desk Swag

The last time we had a Treat Yo Self Day at Chewse everyone arrived to find giant sunflowers on their desks. It was a small detail, but something that added a lot of sunshine to our day. Other ideas:

  • Balloons! We use SF Party.
  • Coffee gift cards (thank you SF for having amazing coffee).
  • New office swag: Notebooks, water tumblers or sassy coffee mugs.

Sunflowers To Light Up Your Desks

Team Lunch

Get your team together and give everyone a chance to mingle and chat about non-work related topics. If you’re already getting catered meals, you probably want to spice it up with something a little more unique like The Chairman or Namu Gaji. If you need help getting lunch delivered drop us a line, we’ll do the rest.


Group Activities

For the Chewse Treat Yo Self Day one of our awesome customers, Jerry, came in and taught a Yoga class to finish a hard day of work. If your teammates aren’t big yogis one of these other options might be a better fit:

  • Happy Hour (stay tuned for a Chosen by Chewse list of Happy Hour spots that are ideal for big teams).
  • Game night: Channel your team’s inner Khaleesi and start a game of Game of Thrones to see who will rule the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Guac-Off: Create teams and have them use certain ingredients in their guacamole recipe. Have a judge’s table ready, but don’t invite Padma if this is the first time you’re trying it out. No one needs to pack their knives and go.

Rooftop Happy Hour!

Have ideas for throwing a Treat Yo Self Day that isn’t on this list? Send us your ideas at and we’ll write about them!

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