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Most of us spend more than 2,000 hours at the office every year. Whether we’re iterating, disrupting, or like, playing ping-pong for a while, it’s not always easy being us. The good news is that there are plenty of companies that appreciate the trials and tribulations that us startup folk experience on a daily basis.

Here’s our office perk wish list that’s (almost) too good to be true.

Zero Gravity Room

best office perks

After what feels like a centuries long budgeting sesh, your lower back just can’t take the heat. Luckily, your office has a zero gravity room, where weary workers like you can enjoy the soothing womb-like embrace of literal nothingness. If you’ve ever wanted to take a conference call upside down, today is your day. Want to host an Apollo 13 themed happy hour? Easy. (actually, that might be tough) Point is, the Zero Gravity room is here for all your zero gravity needs. Bet you didn’t know you had those, huh?


office meal program

By 10:15AM, you’ve already been hard at work for at least an hour and a half. You know what would really keep you going until lunch? A juice box. And a friendly round of tetherball. Join the rest of your team outside for a brief (and totally necessary) interlude between the time you got to work and lunch time. To boost productivity and such!

Petting Zoo

office petting zoo

It’s 2 o’clock. The tryptophan from that turkey sandwich you had for lunch is just setting in. There’s no way you’re getting your boss’ Europe trip planned now. At least, not until you get in a cuddle sesh with a couple bunnies. Head on over to the office petting zoo and step into a real life Buzzfeed “cute” article. What’s that? A tiny puppy is tugging at your jeans? Okay, we’ll stop bothering you. You have work to do.

Hot Tub Conference Room

awesome conference room

Conference rooms with kitschy names are so 2014. Take your meetings in the Hot Tub Conference Room, a fully equipped suite with projection and AV capabilities, plus a cool underwater light show. No, this isn’t an awkward high school party, this is business. How can you be expected to collaborate without being encapsulated in hot, bubbling water? You might even say that you’re letting your ideas simmer. But you probably shouldn’t…

Free Lunch

free office catering

When hunger strikes, you listen. But ugh, the line at Chipotle is always massive and you have things to do, dangit! Luckily, there’s a piping hot feast waiting for you and the rest of your team to enjoy it. No more of this soggy pizza business; today you’re eating Kosher South African food. Tomorrow? A sushi boat sounds about right. Friday? Taco bar, duh. Too good to be true? Think again

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