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My Office Loves Lunch, But We Hate Leftovers

Ok, maybe we don’t “hate” leftovers. They’re great when we don’t have lunch the next day, but they’re inconvenient on Fridays and sometimes our fridge is already fully stocked. So if you’re like us you probably face the same predicament at least twice a week: What do we do with our leftovers?

You, my friend, are in luck today! There are a couple of services in the Bay Area that will gladly take excess perishable food and put it to good use by donating it to local charities or shelters, helping alleviate hunger in our community. Here they are:

1. Food Runners – Across the Bay Area

Food Runners was the first service we came across when our office first started having leftovers and we still work with them every week.


  • Easy. All you have to do is visit their website, fill out the donation form and they’ll send a driver that will pick up the food and deliver it to a feeding program in the city.
  • It’s free!
  • They have an App.
  • No legal liability for food donors.


  • Late afternoon and evening requests sometimes can’t be processed until the next day.
  • Not all food items are eligible for pick up (saucey/soupy mains, food that’s in excess that day…)

For any non San Francisco pickups you can visit their Peninsula website here.

Office Leftovers - Food Runners Office Leftovers - Food Runners Office Leftovers - Food Runners

2. Copia – Across the Bay Area


  • Technology. Food is matched with the most ideal non-profit. Pick ups can be scheduled in advanced. You can also track your driver and access tax deductions documents all through Copia’s app.
  • Copia stores all your donation data to help reduce food waste and cost for your office.
  • No legal liability for food donors.


  • Fee for every donation (discounted price the more food you donate).

Office Leftovers - Copia

3. Chefs To End Hunger – San Francisco & Los Angeles


  • Ideal for big offices with regular leftovers. Setting up recurring pick ups is very easy.
  • Company provides all the needed materials to package the food.
  • No legal liability for food donors.


  • Only works for big offices with in house chefs or cafeterias.
  • Setup and logistics are a bit complicated.  

Office Leftovers - Chefs To End Hunger

Aside from these three donation options, there are multiple shelters and non-profits across the Bay Area that will be happy to receive any leftovers your office has. Check them out here!

Does your office know of any other amazing services like these? Share your knowledge and email us at

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