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Dear SF & Chewse Community,

There’s something we need to tell you. This is more than the “define the relationship” talk, more significant than a Facebook relationship status. We want to take the next step with you, and with $5.9 million closed in Series A funding, we’re more ready than ever.

It’s like we’ve known you a lifetime. Before Tracy left her event planning job behind to reinvent office catering, before she and Jeff moved to San Francisco to join 500 Startups, and before you let us plan your office’s meal program. You’ve taught us so much, and we learn more and more with the tens of thousands of meals we send you each month.

This feeling is addictive, and we want more of it. More communities built through quality food, more office managers with shorter to-do lists, and more local businesses thriving. With the support of The Foundry Group, our leading investors, now we can. But it’s not just them. Seamless founder Andy Appelbaum, 500 Startups, Galvanize, and Telegraph Hill Capital are also by our side so we can take the chance on you that you took on us. Series A means we can give you what you deserve: everything.

What we share feels so natural… so right. We feel it every time an office manager logs into their meal calendar to find a list of hand-selected menus tailored to their office’s liking. It’s there when an entire team goes googly eyed at the sight (and smell) of lunch. It’s there when a diner discovers a new local restaurant, and when in turn, a local restaurant discover a new diner.

We don’t mean to come off too strong. We’re not asking you to delete your Tinder account or anything. It’s just that we want every office to experience Azalina’s California-Malaysian food, every working soul in San Francisco to taste one of Bini’s momos. Why should only some teams get to hug Alicia when she stops by with made-to-order tamales? The answer is, they shouldn’t. It’s not fair.

But these words can only carry us so far. In the coming months, we’re going to prove to you that Chewse is a love company. We’re fostering a bigger, better service with a fleet of delivery drivers to spread love from more restaurants to more offices across San Francisco.

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little nervous. Love is risky, but it’s worth it. With The Foundry as our champion, the partnership of our vendors, the loyalty of our customers, and the dedication of our growing team, we’re ready to give you everything. Will you have us?




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