San Francisco Corporate Holiday CateringSan Francisco Corporate Holiday Catering

It doesn’t matter if you are organizing a customer appreciation day, product unveiling, holiday party catering event or a training function, Chewse has the expertise and resources to ensure that your catering event will be a terrific encounter.

What’s Our Expertise?

Chewse makes sure all of your holiday parties go great by providing corporate catering fit to the taste and diet preferences of your team. Let us take care of all the details, so you can focus on having a great party!

What are our resources?

Chewse partners with top-rated local restaurants throughout San Francisco, working to deliver and set-up family-style meals for your team or company for any and all events that you have.

Put together a meal that your employees and colleagues won’t forget

Chewse offers some of the following cuisines for Los Angeles, from our dozens of industry partners:

  • Japanese food
  • Mediterranean food
  • Chinese food
  • North African food
  • Indian food
  • Italian food
  • Traditional American food
  • Mexican food

Don’t see your favorite on this list? Check in with us, as we have plenty more to offer.

From breakfast to lunch to afternoon snacks to happy hour to dinner, we have you covered. We offer both delicious food and set up for any meal for any type of event.

Chewse is also dedicated to bringing on skilled professionals at every step of your catering process. We are ahead of the industry in providing hourly wages and benefits to those at every step of the chain, from our drivers to our servers. Not only does this benefit them, but helps put together a better experience for you, our valued customers.

How Can Corporate Holiday Catering Help You?

Anyone who’s ever hosted a Christmas party or Thanksgiving dinner can tell you how difficult it is to try and put together a holiday party/meal. Making sure everyone can make it, cooking the food, setting up the actual party space, and this is often only the basics. Now, extrapolate that to an entire company, without having the help of other family members and friends to put things all together. In addition, there’s the potential that you may need to do this suddenly. What happens if one of your employees suddenly gets some award or accolade and you need to celebrate? This means planning a major event fast, while still handling the daily trials of work.

Just like your loved ones may give you a hand for the holidays, Chewse can help take the pressure off when it comes to putting together your holiday catering. We not only get all the food you need but handle setup, checking off two things from your checklist with a simple phone call. With the cost and time that you save, your celebration can be enjoyable for both you as well as your employees.