office dinner in san franciscoSan Francisco Office Dinner Catering

Every now and then, you may need to stay late to take care of that big assignment. The last thing you want to waste time thinking about is thinking about what to get to eat. Chewse is here to make things different.

We provide office catering services across San Francisco, providing and setting up dinner so you can spend less time planning meals and more time on your work. We take care of the details.

Our partners include some of the hottest restaurants in town, covering a variety of different tastes and dietary preferences.

What’s for dinner?

Chewse offers some of the following cuisines for San Francisco, from our dozens of industry partners:

  • Japanese food
  • Mediterranean food
  • Chinese food
  • North African food
  • Indian food
  • Italian food
  • Traditional American food
  • Mexican food

Don’t see your favorite on this list? Check in with us, as we have plenty more to offer.

We also offer other office catering services in Los Angeles, including breakfast, lunch, and happy hour. We can also cater your corporate event or holiday party. As an added note, Chewse is also dedicated to bringing on skilled professionals at every step of your catering process. We are ahead of the industry in providing hourly wages and benefits to those at every step of the chain, from our drivers to our servers. Not only does this benefit them, but helps put together a better experience for you, our valued customers.

How Can Office Dinner Catering Help You?

Part of being a loyal worker to a company is sacrificing every now and again, and this may mean putting forward a little overtime. Of course, when an employee does that for you, it helps to show that you exhibit that same feeling back. In this case, a nice meal can do a lot to make a late night more tolerable and help reward your employee’s efforts.

In other cases, there may be a positive reason to stay later. Maybe you want to celebrate a holiday or accomplishment one of your employees made, but aren’t necessarily planning on putting on a full-on corporate event. What better way to do it than with a nice meal, perfectly suited for your tastes and needs?

In either case, the last thing you want to do in times like these is to add on an extra task of putting together a meal yourself or spreading that task among each of your employees. After all, you already have to stay late, don’t you? This is where Chewse comes in. We bring the meals to your office to make sure that you have something to eat at any time of day, without having to rely on fast food. With our setup, you can spend more time on the tasks at hand as well.