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Let’s face it–traveling around the world to chase the best authentic meals can get expensive. As much as we’d like to, we can’t all pull an Eat Pray Love trip every time we crave some exotic flavors. Luckily for us Bay Area locals, San Francisco is one of the most eclectic cities in terms of global food varieties, and we here at Chewse have gathered up some of the best international meals from the city (and can deliver the majority of them right to your office)! So ditch the passport and grab your friends for a flavor-vacation that will satisfy even the deepest wanderlust.

1. Amawele’s South African Kitchen – South Africa

Starting off strong with a trip to the other hemisphere, Amawele’s South African cuisine will tantalize your tastebuds. With Malaysian, European, and African influences, Amawele’s South African dishes feature unique spices and lots of vegetables for a flavorful, healthy meal, whether you’re vegan, gluten free, or even paleo.

South African Food from Amawele's

2. Bini’s Kitchen – Nepalese

Moving east, we find ourselves in the Asian kitchens of Nepal. While dumplings are a San Francisco Chinese staple, anyone passionate about these delicious morsels should definitely visit Bini for a new taste of a well-known classic.

Nepalese Momos from Bini's Kitchen

3. Burma Bear – Burmese BBQ Fusion

While everyone may be familiar with the Michelin winning Burma Superstar, Burma Bear makes its own name by combining American BBQ classics with unique Burmese flavors and spices. This affordable spot is a must for those looking for a twist on the traditional BBQ meal.

Burmese Food from Burma Bear

4. D’maize – Salvadorian

We’re back in the Americas! Well, South America, that is. Everyone in the Bay Area loves homemade Latin food, and d’Maize does not disappoint. Offering thick, delicious pupusas and carne asada cooked to perfection, D’Maize is a number one spot for the best Salvadorian cooking in the city.

Pupusas from D'maize

4. EireTrea – Eritrean

Taking a detour back to Africa, but this time visiting the Red Sea coast. If you have never had Eritrean food, we highly encourage you to give EireTrea a try. It’s flavorful, unique, delicious, and guaranteed to be a great discussion piece next time your friends discuss unique meals.

5. Grindz – Hawaiian

Yes, technically, Hawaii is in the United States, but Hawaiian food is far from American. Tropical twists on favorites like chicken and waffles and ahi fish and chips place Grindz on this global food countdown. It works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Hawaiian Food from Grindz

6. Lasan – Indian

There are plenty of wonderful Indian eateries around SF, Lasan being one of the greats. Doughy naan and intriguing curries are a staple at this restaurant, with delicious options for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.

Indian Food from Lasan

7. Leopold’s – German

It is a little known fact that San Francisco has a large base of delicious and gourmet German and Austrian food. Beer boots, braised potatoes and authentic sausages are a must-have at Leopold’s. And don’t forget your lederhosen!

German Meat Platter

8. The Boxing Room – Cajun/Creole

Looking for a little kick? Stop by The Boxing Room for unique Cajun takes on southern classics like hush puppies and fried alligator meat.

9. Tamarind Hall – Thai

A trip to Thailand is a treat for your senses: flavors, colors and smells at every corner you stop. It’s not always easy to replicate those sensations once you’re back in the US, but Tamarind Hall’s authentic street food recipes do a fantastic job. From the classic Pad Thai to the vibrant curries and the spicy pork laab combined with a crunchy mango salad, a meal from Tamarind Hall will automatically transport you to the streets of Chiang Mai.

Thai Food from Tamarind Hall

10. Melody Cafe – Mediterranean

The authenticity of Melody Cafe gains it a spot among these global spots. Everything from the falafel, dolmas, and even the baklava for dessert screams with Middle Eastern flavors and styles, so good it even compares with the real thing–my grandmother’s Lebanese cooking!

Mediterranean Food

11. Peaches Patties – Jamaican

Our round the World trip ends in Jamaica, man. Peaches Patties brings a unique Jamaican dish with which many are not familiar with. These little pies, or patties, combine delicious Jamaican spices and meats or vegetables for a perfect, flakey, and spicy delight.

This list is surely comprehensive, but not nearly definitive! San Francisco has many exotic and authentic cuisines, but let this be a start of your culinary exploration. Pack your bags, and don’t forget an appetite, your worldly voyage awaits.

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