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sneakers the corgi

Well, you guys, we made it. Chewse is officially #instafamous thanks to our new mascot, Sneakers the Corgi. But this isn’t a story about #instafame. This is a story about community, and how a corgi and a great meal brought a bunch of strangers together… and it’s a little about #instafame.

It was Friday afternoon. Dinner had just arrived and we were gearing up to pack the office (tour of our new digs coming soon!) And then, BAM, a tiny, perfectly groomed corgi hurtles through our front door, followed by an entourage of enthusiastic paparazzi. This wasn’t just any corgi though. This was Sneakers, the corgi with 20,000 adoring fans across the world. The paparazzi in tow weren’t actually paparazzi – they were Sneakers’ contemporaries – all #instafamous in their own right.

It took a moment for us to realize what was happening. After all, it’s not every day that a famous dog barges into your office. Once everyone got their fair share of Sneakers Snapchats, a little puppy love, and some aggressive Instagram following, we remembered that dinner was waiting for us.

Naturally, we asked our new guests to stick around for the meal. They accepted our invitation and we cramped around our kitchen table, which seems tinier and tinier as our team gets bigger and bigger.

sneakers the corgi

After they left, we were sort of in shock – in part, because Sneakers posted a picture of us that garnered more “likes” than all the Chewse “likes” combined. But more so because this meal represented exactly what we stand for as a company – that community is best built around shared meals. The Chewse team is lucky enough to have a culture that encourages daily gatherings around the kitchen table, and we’re also lucky enough to work toward a goal of making it crazy easy for others to do the same.

But what set this meal apart was its serendipity. As a catering concierge service, we plan everything ahead of time. We’re constantly trying to predict, improve, and organize for the future so that our customers can enjoy shared meals without the hassle of planning them. Our new friends taught us that sometimes you can’t plan ahead for community. Sometimes, community just barges through your door.

Want to bring community to your office? We can’t promise a guest appearance from Sneakers, but we can take care of your meal planning, so all you have to do is show up, chow down, and see for yourself how food can bring people together.


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