We cater breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more

Bagels for breakfast? Linguini for lunch? Dumplings for dinner? We’re all over it. We even offer a selection of sweet treats or savory bites to brighten up your afternoon. Set-up and clean-up are all taken care of, leaving you free to relax (and eat!).

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Tell us what you like to eat!

We’ll ask you a couple questions about taste and dietary preferences. Once your team’s Flavor Profile is in place, you’re all set — your dedicated Meal Host takes care of the rest.

We cater delicious meals from hand-picked local restaurants, then deliver them automatically in a way that fits with your office’s busy schedule. Your Meal Host handles delivery, and keeps you informed every step of the way. And you can forget about set-up and clean-up: we’ve got that covered, too.

Our platform does the planning

Meal Planning

Set up your meals weeks in advance. You can always make changes if you need to, but isn’t it nice to know that you can truly “set it and forget it”?


This is point-to-point communication designed around YOU. We’ll let you know when your Meal Host is on the way, when the food has arrived, and when it’s time to EAT!


In addition to customizing your team’s meals, you can also pick and choose exactly how you want your updates sent: via Slack, SMS, email, or all of the above.

Your Meal Host handles the rest

Delivery + Set Up

We wouldn’t dream of keeping a hungry team waiting. Your host delivers your meal on-time and does all the set-up. That way, you’re free to relax and enjoy time with the team!

Meal Service + Cleanup

Your friendly Meal Host sets the table, then tidies up when you’re done. It’s like we were never there! Well, except for the full bellies and smiling faces.

Leftovers + Donations

Your host can wrap up the leftovers, and can even set aside a plate for any absent teammates. We can also donate what you don’t eat to a deserving local organization.

Eat like family

Chewse was founded around the idea that no one should eat lunch alone. Especially in the workplace. Getting everyone away from their desk, headphones off, goes a long way toward building an active, open office culture.

Even on your busiest days, there’s something powerful (and important) about getting the team together for a meal. Suddenly that difference of opinion over those Q2 sales forecasts doesn’t seem so important, and you remember that you’re all on the same team.

We cater family-style meals that encourage dialogue and help create a workplace where team members feel heard and acknowledged. That type of environment, in turn, allow employees to feel fulfilled and do their best work. We believe delicious food is central to that vision.

Creating community

We’re all a part of something bigger. The way we interact with our coworkers is important, as is the way we interact with the world around us; one feeds into the other. At Chewse, a dedication to community is a direct line through everything we do.

Sitting down and breaking bread with the team is a great way to take good care of your internal work community. And when you let us take care of delivery, set-up, and clean-up, you gain valuable time to focus on the teammates gathered around the table. Heck, we’ll even prepare a plate of leftovers for anyone who can’t make it.

Speaking of leftovers, we cultivate partnerships with deserving local organizations to make sure any food you don’t want is donated to those who can benefit from it the most. Once you’re done eating and your Meal Host has started the clean-up process, just let them know how much you’d like to keep and how much you’d like us to donate.

Great food for every taste!

We can keep it on the lighter side with bagels and fruit or go deep with pancakes, eggs, even breakfast burritos. However you want to start your day, we’ve got it covered.

Mild, spicy, or a little bit of both? Our lunch possibilities are virtually endless, no matter what your team is hungry for. So make that midday break count!

Reward your team at the end of a long day. Whether it’s a quick taco or a full-blown Indian buffet, we’ll help you dive in to the deep end of your city’s culinary scene.

We believe in the power of SNACKS! Whether it’s salty stuff like chips and dips, or sweet treats like ice cream and bubble tea, an afternoon treat can really save the day.

Sometimes the best thing you can say about a workday is that it’s over. We cater snacks and small plates that help reinforce the notion that Happy Hour is really just a state of mind.

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