Great food for any occasion

Bagels for breakfast? Linguini for lunch? Dumplings for dinner? We’re all over it. We even offer a selection of sweet treats or savory bites to brighten up your afternoon. Set-up and clean-up are all taken care of, leaving you free to relax (and eat!).

Healthy Catering – Just Salad – Chewse Chicago Catering

We can keep it on the lighter side with bagels and fruit or go deep with pancakes, eggs, even breakfast burritos. However you want to start your day, we’ve got it covered.

Mild, spicy, or a little bit of both? Our lunch possibilities are virtually endless, no matter what your team is hungry for. Try Chewse lunch catering and make that midday break count!

Reward your team at the end of a long day. Whether it’s a quick taco or a full-blown Indian buffet, we’ll help you dive in to the deep end of your city’s culinary scene.

Sometimes the best thing you can say about a workday is that it’s over. We cater snacks and small plates that help reinforce the notion that Happy Hour is really just a state of mind.

We believe in the power of SNACKS! Whether you’re in the mood for salty stuff like chips and dips, or sweet treats like ice cream and bubble tea, an afternoon treat can really save the day.

From the kitchen

Dozens of cuisines and hundreds of restaurants await. Bon appetit!