Lunch Catering

It doesn’t really count as a “break” if everyone sits alone and eats at their desk. Lunchtime is downtime when you get the team together over a Chewse lunch!

Get lunch for your office

A menu for every palate.

We’ve got the old stanbys covered — sandwiches, tacos, salads, etc. But we also like to brag that we have plenty of stuff you DON’T find every day. Tikka masala, dumplings, bi bim bap, and just about anything else you can or can’t pronounce.





Bi Bim Bap


What to expect from a Chewse lunch.

The smiles on your team’s no-longer-hungry faces will tell you everything you need to know. This is amazing food, delivered on time, with setup and cleanup totally covered.

Affordable Pricing

Your Account Manager works with you to find a plan that best fits your team’s needs. Big teams or small, our Meal Hosts take care of everything.

Appropriate Portions

We’ll make sure no one goes hungry, but we won’t overdo it. Your Meal Host can also set some food aside for team members who couldn’t make it.

Feedback System

These are meals designed around your team’s needs. We ask for feedback after every meal, and make immediate adjustments accordingly.

Full Service

Your Meal Host handles delivery, setup, and cleanup. Utensils are provided, and all food is labeled. Your team’s full bellies are the only sign we were ever there!

No Food Wasted

We’re happy to box up any leftovers you want to keep. We’ll also use our partnerships with deserving local organizations to donate any food you don’t want.

Make their day!

Get lunch for your office