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Here’s our update on everything Chewse for the month of February!

New restaurants

Local Mission Market – Delicious, local and seasonal ingredients are the foundation of all of Local Mission Market’s dishes. High quality, tasty meals are two of the most important factors for us when trying new restaurants, so we’ve definitely found a keeper! Some of our favorites are the tri-tip and the Kale Caesar Salad.

Pica Pica – Want something to brighten up your Chewse meal program even more? We’ve got just the right thing: Venezuelan arepas from Pica Pica. These corn arepas come with awesome fillings (think pulled pork pernil, plantains, or shredded beef) and their salads are topped with Latin American flavors. Try them, you’ll thank us.

Arepas and salad bowls from Pica Pica

Country Grill – As per their philosophy, Country Grill “makes chickens hella good.” They are super tasty and never dry. But don’t take our word for it, include them in your March meals and tell us what you think!

Product updates

1) Add A Meal button – Now you can request an extra meal right from your Meal Calendar, and we’ll notify you when we’ve approved your request. Let us help you with those additional happy hours, lunch meetings or dinners! Pretty great, right?

Add a Meal Button

2) Restaurant List on your Meal Calendar – We’ve added a Restaurants link that shows you available vendors and the ratings you’ve given them so far. You can also create a list of the restaurants you want to try in the future and tell us if there’s anything you’d like to avoid. If you’re logged in to your account, you can check it out here.

Top February Picks by James Darragh, Head of Sales

Favorite out-of-the-box meal: Radio Africa Kitchen

Favorite healthy meal: Creative Ideas Catering

Favorite cheat day: Hiyaaa!!

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