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what’s good?

From Venice Beach to Silver Lake and everywhere in between, The City of Angels is a foodie paradise. Get ready for Instagrammable treats from our rockstar LA catering team!

Our team makes planning that all-company lunch or exec team breakfast a breeze as cool as a summer evening on Santa Monica Pier. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to break a sweat.

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Catering that works with your schedule

Kickstart your day

Come one, come all, to the best LA breakfast catering there is. Fancy a breakfast bagel from Amandine Patisserie Cafe? Craving some healthy-delicious goji bery salmon & avocado toast from Earthbar? Whatever you’re craving – Chewse has what you need to get your day started!

Grab-n-go or sit-down meal

Instead of another round of craft services, treat yourself (and your office) to some real food for lunch. Try some LA lunch catering from Ayara Thai’s vegan pad see eew, or enjoy the taste of Ono Grindz’s hawaiian classics. In the mood for something quicker? Try Mee & Gree’s sliders to go, or grab a Simply Salad… well, salad!

Wine and dine your office

No matter how long the day, every person in your office will love a Starry Kitchen asian fusion dinner or some tacos from a Baja Cantina build-your-own taco bar. You could even delight your office with some LA dinner catering from Locanda Positano. After all, who can say no to gluten free penne al pomodoro?

Treat yo’self

Give your office a tasty break with some scheduled (or surprise!) LA catered treats & sweets. Try DK’s donuts or Fellow’s “simple treats” (spoiler: the taste is anything but simple!).

Nobody puts Happy Hour in the corner

Celebrate a Friday (or Tuesday – we won’t tell) well done with some LA happy hour office catering. Just bring the wine and we’ll provide some Truxton’s American Bistro tartes or Delphi Greek pita.

What We’ve Got Cookin’

Say hello.

Drop us a line! To get started, send us your guest count, how often you eat, and any dietary restrictions your team might have.

Let’s do lunch (or smoothies!)

Craving light breakfast, hot lunch, or celebration treats? We’ve got you covered. Your Account Manager will walk you through your first meals while you get to know us.

Don’t lift a finger…

Our LA catering team will deliver and set up your meal the way you like it. Grab a plate and enjoy your meal – this isn’t craft services!

Leftovers, reimagined.

We’ve partnered with Copia to make the most of your food by donating any leftovers to a local non-profit serving people in need.

Get started!
We stop at nothing to make sure we serve you like we would serve our own family: with care, excellence, and a whole lot of flavor.

What We’re Eating

AMMO by Salt

Celebrate California’s bounty with AMMO by Salt’s seasonally-driven fare! Their signature turkey meatloaf and hearty brown rice will keep you powered up all afternoon.

Bay Cities Deli

Home of the Godmother sandwich, Bay Cities Deli has been a meat-lover’s dream since 1925, and with Chewse, you won’t even have to wait in that Bay Cities line.

Little Fatty

Chef David Kuo turns up the dial on Little Fatty’s Taiwanese classics, and his take on XO Fatty Noodles is truly legendary.

Baby Blues BBQ

Baby Blues BBQ brings the best of St. Louis, Texas, and Kansas City-style barbeque to LA. Let that ooey, gooey mac n’ cheese soothe your spreadsheet sorrows.

Spread Mediterranean Kitchen

Spread Mediterranean Kitchen pairs bright Mediterranean fare with the finest California ingredients. Before you go, make sure to try their schug (pronounced t-schoog)!

Sweet Rose Creamery

Sweet Rose Creamery’s small-batch ice cream is a Santa Monica mainstay. Whether you’re looking for top-notch classics or seasonal delights, look no further!

Sweet Chick

A whole lot of New York state of mind in LA. Sweet Chick is known for their chicken and waffles, but we also love their cornbread and bacon-y kale salad.

Aussie Pie Kitchen

Take a trip down under with Aussie Pie Kitchen’s flaky pies. Did we mention their pulled pork pie topped with mac n’ cheese and doused in gravy? You’re welcome.

The Chewse service pillars

Our mission is to make sure everyone has a seat at the table, and we’re getting there with technology made with your needs in mind, experts in all things hospitality, and an ofifce catering program oriented around community. Learn more about what makes us Chewse!

Our platform gives you easy access to your upcoming meal schedule. Customization is seamless so you can make sure everyone is satisfied.

From planning your first meal to serving that last teammate in line, we take pride in executing your meal perfectly every time.

We’re on a mission to make sure everyone feels included at mealtime. Which is why we’ll donate leftovers to a non-profit in your area.

When you’re finished, our LA catering team can deliver any remaining leftovers to local non-profits. Through our Chewse to Give program, we’re working to reduce food waste in your area. Best of all, we can give you real-time updates of the impact you’re making in your community.

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